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Alex Trebek Laughs at Contestent

Awkward. And funny.

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25 Responses to “Alex Trebek Laughs at Contestent”

  1. boobsmakemehappy1 says:

    “We’re going for color, not size”.


  2. wtfvictoriaa says:

    Lol holy shit.

  3. orladin says:

    You can’t add “er” to the end of any word that already ends in “er.” This bitch is on Jeopardy!?

  4. SuperMegaUberGenius says:


  5. SuperSizedMcChicken says:

    hes so profesional about the laugh though

  6. malcolmscotty1 says:


  7. Icouldkillamonkey says:

    What is a woman on her period?

  8. finalfight says:


  9. madhatter0110 says:

    Kebert Xela

  10. ridiculusstimulus says:

    Maniacal laughter remix slowmo where are you YouTube

  11. CampingwithPirates says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . no. bitch

  12. leonpowalski2008 says:

    If you give a stupid answer, Alex Trebek will take your soul.

  13. BlameItOnTheWhiteMan says:

    Hahahahahahahaha ….. NO!

  14. lijdsbone says:

    @PurplePyroPirate grammar nazi to the rescue!!!

  15. PurplePyroPirate says:

    @lijdsbone you’re*

  16. PurplePyroPirate says:

    @PunkBoy755 rubicund means red, rotund means large/round.

  17. PunkBoy755 says:

    color not size….
    ^was that racist 0.o?!

  18. swevensent says:

    if you listen closely right after alex shuts the contestant down, not only does someone in the audience laugh but another seems to burst out “oh come on!” an angry husband perhaps?

  19. HighKingTurgon says:

    Someone needs to sample that audio and let it go viral. It is perfect.

  20. gspbirel56 says:

    “color, not size?”

  21. lijdsbone says:

    @brian70Cuda your an arrogant FUCK, not shocked to see that

  22. brian70Cuda says:

    Trebek is a arrogant Fuck anyway, not shocked to see this.

  23. frozenstrawbs says:

    ruptured cunt

  24. Chantinelle666 says:

    Hahahaha. NO

  25. mrfailsalot says:


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