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Alex Bradford – It’s a highway to heaven

A historic event: probably the first black gospel concert ever in the Netherlands. Recorded in Utrecht, november 1962

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25 Responses to “Alex Bradford – It’s a highway to heaven”

  1. buddyeagle says:


  2. cgj2107 says:

    this is gospel music at it’s best

  3. gerrydempsey2009 says:

    A fantastic treasure. Thank you so much for saving it.

  4. wilsons727 says:

    I like how henrietta waddy spirit was quickened around 4:30

  5. ElderPinkerton says:

    The people in the Netherlands love Gospel and they sure learned it from the best sources. They are the singinest white folks I ever saw in Sweden. Close your eyes and you feel like you at YPWW on Sunday night

  6. jddrew1000 says:


  7. jddrew1000 says:

    Which one is Willie James McPhatter

  8. eagleswing44 says:

    Magnificent and superb! They just don’t do it this way anymore! It’s going to going to come around again though!

  9. boutteperry says:

    Fantastic Post

  10. watermelonhead17 says:

    YESSSSSSSS! I Love it!!!

  11. tallbaby40 says:

    This is GREAT…

  12. YouTransistor99 says:

    This is beautiful. Many thanks for posting it.

  13. London2cold says:

    How moving! The tears started to fall from my eyes as my heart was warmed… Thank God for these Saints!

  14. peavyrobinsonhouston says:

    I absolutely love this video. What a classic! Thanks for posting it on youtube.
    A. Houston (Peavy, Robinson & Houston)

  15. stacynewyork says:

    I have it

  16. ctwmaestro says:

    Does anyone have the sheet music to this song?

  17. vsumass says:

    Former members of the Clara Ward singers are with him….are those the Starts of Faith after they left Clara Ward’s group and started their own?

  18. joko9395 says:


  19. wdeadman49 says:


  20. penst21 says:

    I am glad to see this back. This is truly a blessing for most of these singers have passed on. To see them in their heyday and overseas when there was so much going on in their own country at that time is a testament that were were still able to overcome even then. God Bless you for uploading this.

  21. jaapdesticker says:


    it was broadcasted in the ’80s on dutch national television, and I was lucky to tae it on video. So, it’s not commercially available, I’m afraid!

  22. bmoyouth33 says:

    What is the name of this concert and where can I find it?

  23. dkgrace424 says:

    God bless you for posting this group.I have posted another group from the golden era. (The Jewell Gospel Trio,with Candi Staton)check it out.

  24. JayEm86 says:

    Henrietta Waddy was one of the best narrators of gospel. I’m so glad to see this back!

  25. PrettyBlack1966 says:

    God always has a way of teaching and reaching HIS children wherever it is that we might be!~ I thank HIM for always keeping me and my beloved even when we could not keep ourselves! It’s a warming covering my heart to hear folk striving to make heaven their home!

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