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Alan Alda discusses MASH

Visit to see the full interview with Alan Alda. In this interview excerpt, Alan Alda, who played Captain ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce, talks about the success of the show “MASH”. For more on this interviews and hundreds of others, visit
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25 Responses to “Alan Alda discusses MASH”

  1. SarahRomero3410 says:

    I don’t know if Alan Alda knows this. The names Alan or Alda are a frequent clue or answer in almost every crossword puzzle, and if he can get through one of these boring puzzle books, boring because they are so easy, he will see I’m telling the truth, and it’s probably the stupider people like me, who work the easy puzzles, who think about Alan Alda every time they work a puzzle. He’s better than counting sheep.

  2. MrHabernack says:

    the thing with Mr. Alda is… you Love HIM ? or do you love Hawkeye Pierce ?? the later is a character……..However, i like to think there is ALOT of Alda IN pierce.

  3. KalebDeanGrim13mm says:

    I hate war as much as the next person but i think its a natural way of population control

  4. dafyduck79 says:

    but i mean that the real war is much worse then they show in mash

  5. bagpulainvarata says:

    Alan Alda is one of my favorite actor of all time.

  6. BIGBLUENATION33 says:

    Man is there a better show than this?? Nope!!!!

  7. chism26 says:

    @TheNapoleonnerd actuley war has to hapan some times and History proves it with that said Mash Is the best TV show ever made and Alan Alada evon with all his libral ways and thinking Is fantastic and very underad im glad to have 11 seasons of Mash to fall back on

  8. CheshireHellKat says:

    @TheMsautobodyman Did you even listen to anything this man had to say or did you just decide to spout off on YouTube because you felt like it?

  9. Ainar86 says:

    We did Alan, thank you for that.

  10. TheNapoleonnerd says:

    I never knew why people are so childish. Killing innocent people because of what should be a verbal dispute is pure ignorance. Gang fights are illegal, but killing a citizen of contrasting nationality is okay? Whoever made that up was confused. Anyone who thinks that war solves problems needs to grow up and stop listening to bullcrap. That’s why mash is my favorite show. Some parts are hilarious, and some serious, all keeping the same message. My favorite episode is the dream episode.

  11. savannahribeiro says:

    @taylorrocks81 He’s been married for sixty years.

  12. autriii says:

    @MissFunnyBunnyLOL I’m 21 and I’ve been watching reruns since I was 16. My grandpa always watched them before, but I never paid much attention. You’re right, it is a great show. And with many of the unpopular wars we find ourselves in, MASH is more pertinent than ever. Most of those situations could easily be applied to Iraq, Afghanistan, and now, Libya (with updated technology, of course).

  13. mjjcng8958 says:

    i just found out that he was in the army reserves and he was actually stationed in korea after the korean war. crazy

  14. gneesh14 says:

    i was hoping he would pull out the red robe, just for one last time

  15. sblackwood32 says:

    The show was just the best! And is still watched today!! when on.
    See if any others is there?!

  16. MetallicBill says:

    @TheMsautobodyman That wasn’t really what I get from it, it’s showing humor as the strongest element to COMBAT the reality they were in, as Alda is saying, it’s a harrowing job they all were doing

  17. TheMsautobodyman says:

    talk about making mockery of war the funniest

  18. BinegoesWorld says:

    Incredible his voice is still the same! I expected a young Alan Alda sitting there that’s so amazing. I love his work and everything about him. He inspired me to become and Actor, one day I really want to be as good as he is!

  19. taylorrocks81 says:

    Did he ever get married????

  20. Beulah502 says:

    It was a great anti-war program

  21. atellmaryanne says:

    Alan Alda,
    Thank You for Being You, Red heart on boxer shorts and all…You are the best keep being you.
    Love and Light Mary Anne Atell

  22. MissFunnyBunnyLOL says:

    I’m 12 years old and I’ve been watching this show for almost 3 years and I am convinced that MASH is the BEST SHOW EVER MADE. All the characters reflect a different aspect of human nature, they all have strong and weak sides. This show is incredible and is brilliant, witty, sad, wonderful, and realistic yet not depressing. It’s such a shame that shows like this are sooooo rare i have never seen one like MASH.

  23. MrDraganLion says:

    Alan Alda is my favorite all time actor id love to spend a couple of minutes talking to him and you know whats strange is that his voice after all these years hasnt changed a bit???

  24. TheBromman says:

    When I first saw the show in the UK the BBC would not allow the canned laughter, it was a long time later when I saw a re-run on a satellite channel that I realised that it was ever there in the first place, and I couldn’t watch.

  25. AtheistHater says:

    @DavidKWegley How so?

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