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Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Open

Opening titles for The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. starring Bruce Campbell.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Open”

  1. catrod24 says:

    I loved this show!

  2. puppetMattster says:

    Hey, somebody help me out here…. What does U-F-O spell? lol

  3. ValoFilthc3 says:

    i was Brisco for Halloween some where between 3rd and 5th grade. Bruce Campbell is the f’n MAN!!

  4. Vennegoor10 says:

    Fantastic show. RIP Julius Carry.

  5. Britton001 says:

    I’ve been a fan of Bruce Campbell’s movie since I first saw Evil Dead in the early to mid 80′s. Never saw any of his TV series, but bought the entire Briscoe County series of Amazon last week and LOVED it. Wish I would have watched this when it first aired, but better now than never. I promptly went out and bought Jack Of All Trades too, but haven’t watched any of that yet.

  6. kilo559 says:

    @DK56837CB composer is Randy Edelman

  7. DK56837CB says:

    Love the theme song. Anyone know who the composer and the name of the song is? I believe it’s the same song that is used during the olympics!!

  8. HailTheOri says:

    All Hail the King of the B’s!

  9. ublazzz says:

    That remembers me great times when I was younger, I loved this.

  10. jim88998 says:

    excellent show of all time

  11. majinsnake says:

    This show was part of the SCI-FI block on friday nights in 1993. It’s counterpart was X-FILES.

  12. majinsnake says:

    @BrianSATX79 friday nights at 8 pm. I loved 1993.

  13. aurobasilisk says:

    Also, everyone I’ve ever shown this show too, from back when I had crappy VHS dubs to loaning out the DVD box set, has absolutely loved it. They usually had never heard of it and can’t believe it was not a hit show.

  14. aurobasilisk says:

    @perfectclone25 -

    Actually, they started together and had about the same ratings. Fox decided to cancel Brisco and go all-in with X-files by giving it a”darker” lead in, which I believe was a POS called “VR-5″. The rating for X-files really took off in the second season, but Fox never really found a decent opener.

    I believe that Brisco would have taken off as well, if only they gave it the same chance they gave X-files.

  15. BrianSATX79 says:

    Brisco was a Friday night tradition for me!

  16. xcomcmdr says:

    Hail to the King!

  17. Czech1Czech2 says:


    After years of trying to remember the name of this show, here it is.
    This brings me back, chillin on the couch in 2nd grade watchin tv with my dad. I loved this show as a little dude. Badass.

  18. masternate61 says:

    check out Let’s Get Bruce Campbell To Host SNL on facebook

  19. megamanxtc says:


    I always remembered this show being on before the X-Files. When I was a kid, it was a 1 and a half hour program block I could enjoy with my father.

  20. Shotgunnova says:

    Man, that theme brings back memories. Great show.

  21. DeathAdder83 says:

    @norfolk316 Daniel Day Lewis sleeps in Bruce Campbell pajamas.

  22. Drac39 says:

    @robbiewwebster The set is a must have

  23. robbiewwebster says:

    I loved this show…I watched it every Saturday afternoon after the cartoons. I’m looking to pick up the DVDs now

  24. Drac39 says:

    Man I love this. Bruce Campbell at his finest!

  25. BlogTVxXx says:


    gives me goosebumps hearing it. I love the olympics

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