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Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Open

Opening titles for The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. starring Bruce Campbell.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Open”

  1. 0saraphina0 says:

    Bruce was so orgasmically sexy in this show.

  2. Trancemaster2052 says:

    God I haven’t seen this show since it was originally on the air back in 1993-94. I loved it. I was pretty little back then but it was such a fun and entertaining show.

  3. illmatador2 says:

    I will miss Julius Carry

  4. Matfen815 says:

    why oh why did I have to be born in the 90′s and miss all this stuff.

  5. JoeyHollywood1 says:

    @Verhoeven1980 Just one:(

  6. JoeyHollywood1 says:

    Its $100 at the stores i went to but I bought it NEW at for $21.00

  7. thebuckrogers22 says:

    i remember this show. loved it. it was great. hulu has it on their site for free but damn the dvd is 65 bucks. and it only lasted one season. but for 65 bucks? that’s too much!

  8. Linklex7 says:

    Julius “Sho’Nuff” Carry.

  9. catrod24 says:

    Man, I just found out that Julius Carry, the actor that played Lord Bowler, died in 2008. Damn.

  10. EmperorofCartoons says:

    @wreckingball34 You know TNT (Or TBS, I forget.) picked up the series and went on with the story, right?

  11. Verhoeven1980 says:


    Wasnt it to seasons?

  12. Wellch says:

    Shame on Fox for canceling it. I also liked the occasional guest star John Astin. I wonder if there is any shows that they never shown on TV.

  13. fullflavormenthol says:

    This was the show that first got me interested in writing, and it is a damn shame that it was canceled in its first season.

  14. bgdrewsif says:

    @norfolk316 I agree 100%, loved this show when I was a kid in the early 90′s… good memories from this show. was very sad when it ended…

  15. bgdrewsif says:

    how did the theme for this show become music used by NBC for the olympics when this was originally a show on the FOX network?

  16. dmtrknv says:

    @norfolk316 много е яко сериалчето.

  17. hanoc101 says:

    This theme song was so good they stole it and used it for the Olympics.

  18. MrYamato67 says:


  19. KNS1996DFS says:

    @puppetMattster Unearthed Foreign Object, which is “some mouthful.”

  20. dududable1 says:

    my dog with 13 years is named BRISCO

  21. hanoc101 says:

    @Vennegoor10 I just found that out recently. He was also Sho’Nuff The Shogun of Harlem (The Last Dragon)

  22. Vennegoor10 says:

    @GriffithAMPS Couple of years ago, died of cancer sadly.

  23. munchkyn1 says:

    One of the most popular theme songs ever written, still raises the hair on the back of my neck when I hear it, even when the Olympics steals it!

  24. GriffithAMPS says:

    @Vennegoor10 aww…really? when?

  25. MedeaLindenshield says:

    I used to be obssesed with this show

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