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Adventures of Brisco County Jr (Excellent Run Of Poor Luck)

A music video I put together with various clips from the pilot episode of Brisco County Jr.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Adventures of Brisco County Jr (Excellent Run Of Poor Luck)”

  1. TINML says:

    Black + Campbell = All Around Bad-asses

  2. redfishradical says:

    Right on! I thought I was the only one who remembered this show… Total classic, just too original for TV to last. Dig this song too, can’t claim to know much about Black but I think this is a killer song!

    Thanks for sharing


  3. CowboyJack44 says:

    Campbell is the shit…Hail to the king baby!

  4. geligniteandlilies says:

    I love the combination of song and subject. Very nice work! *faved*

  5. golf7272 says:

    Miss this series!

  6. Juno83 says:

    Bruce Campbell is a cutie. :)

  7. Rusman80 says:

    awesome video

  8. fordtruckluver20 says:

    i loved this series good to see a video with an awesome song.. i wish they would start playin this series on tv… Bruce Campbell RULES!!

  9. sabymon says:

    Sheriff Aaron Viva. I have to agree one of the funniest scenes ever.

  10. Plant42productions says:


  11. shypuertorican24 says:

    isn’t that sad….

  12. MUSICMEANSLIFE56 says:

    key word: WAS

  13. N0NEoftheAB0VE says:

    Haha – our Computing Teacher spent half a semester (circa 1993) showing us episodes of Red Dwarf and various stand-up performances of Billy Connolly. What is it with teachers of easy subjects sharing their TV obsessions with their class!?

  14. fltnsplr7 says:

    Good job! I used to watch this series with a friend when it came out, and if I remember correctly, it followed the X-Files, which was in its first season as well. Sadly, though X-Files continued, Brisco County did not. It should have remained on the air…

  15. pennie1478 says:

    my favorite scene was the “Deliverance” banjo seen between Pete and the Elvis impersonator (I can’t remember his name).

  16. MUSICMEANSLIFE56 says:

    our SS teacher shows this every other Friday in our class. She has every episode on DVD

  17. shypuertorican24 says:

    omfg..bruce campbell was sooo freakin sexy!!!
    lol :]

  18. redstar170 says:

    Wow…both kinds of music, country and western. Where was I when this show was on!!!
    I miss all the good stuff.

  19. batmanpp says:

    Go Brisco!!!!!!!

  20. MarcusDee27 says:

    If I’m betting on a loser, I’m gonna have the devil to pay … its the only game I know to play, it doesn’t matter anyway.

  21. bapagan says:

    Ack! to Country music…but man, I loved Brisco County, Jr! Bruce Cambell was awesome.

  22. hathor98 says:

    I used to love this show as a kid. Great vid and song combo!

  23. hopeleannad says:

    I agree with pji. Country music today is crap. I miss the greats like Clint Black, Vince Gill, Blackhawk. It just seems music today is just so commercial.

  24. pjicleanair says:

    country music today is crap has been for past 8 years or so…but early 90′s to mid 90′s like clint black blackhawk george strait shennandoah bands like that was good music saw clint black in 1994 live in richmond virginia…always had respect for him good music

  25. barbiegurl93 says:

    clint black is amazin !!

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