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Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Episode 3 No Man’s Land Part 1/5

Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Episode three No Man’s Land Component 1/five I recorded these onto VHS when the premiered in 1993, so please excuse the high quality, which is as very good as I could make it. (Please rate and leave comments, thank you.) Boam/Cuse Productions. and Warner Bros. Tv. 1993. All rights reserved This is owned by FOX. No copyright infringement is intended and no profits are being created. This is purely for the enjoyment of the fans.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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15 Responses to “Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Episode 3 No Man’s Land Part 1/5”

  1. ElPayasoMalo says:

    Bowler said a “measley $3000?” That’s like four times the average American’s salary at the time! lol

  2. ElPayasoMalo says:

    @TulilaSalome And what of polytheism? lol

  3. DanieXJ says:

    @sg1hbk Uh, there is a DVD box set. Or at least, there was. The complete series. Still selling it on Amazon (and so probably on other sites too). But, it probably is just Region 1, so…

  4. sg1hbk says:

    @DeepSeaDog All I know is that, we need to email FOXTEL or any cable company to broadcast the show. I’m just emailing them and using Facebook to demand that they show it on one of their channels :-)

  5. DeepSeaDog says:

    I’ll join, Friend. What do we do?

  6. sg1hbk says:

    People, Fans of Brisco County Jr. We need to get together and start a pertition to bring this awesome show back to our t.v. screens, even if it is on pay t.v. or on a dvd box-set. So we as loyal fans can watch every episode as much as we like. Who’s with me?

  7. tha976 says:

    many thanks!!!

  8. Zen5012 says:

    Shit – thank you. I knew that guy from somewhere but Last Dragon was the last thing I was thinking of.

    WHO’S THE MASTAH?!?!?!

  9. 8lsatyq says:

    God I love these kind of wild west tv shows where EVERYTHING’S AND EVERYONE is spick and span clean-not even a drop of dirt; no human/animal waste on the road, shirts pressed and ironed good stuff tho. This is the kind of show to watch while in a camper or trailer home. its got that wood burning stove kinda feeling in it. plus cambell’s just the shit!

  10. thlaylia says:

    Is it just me, or is Bruce Campbell stunningly handsome in this series? Man, I so would… ;D

  11. cozmicshroomzpro1 says:

    i never knew about this show, and now i love, thank u for putting this up.

  12. marktse says:

    i gotta go to the bathroom

    bruce: i know what you mean.

  13. lstcall1 says:

    R.I.P Sho Gun of Harlem

  14. TulilaSalome says:

    Bruce is god (sorry lemmy)

  15. pagesixaddict says:

    i should have known kim manners would be in on a show this awesome!

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