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Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Episode 27 High Treason Part 8/10

Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Episode 27 High Treason Part 8/10 This is the second part of the two-part SERIES FINALE. I’ve said part #/10 so you don’t confuse the two episodes, and parts 1-5 are included in episode 26 of the same name. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this series. Thanks so much for supporting me and this series! By the way, if you like the actors from this show, some can be found in other places. Bruce Campbell is currently on USA’s “Burn Notice. Christian Clemenson was on the recently cancelled Boston Legal and was on recent episodes of the Mentalist. John Astin has been on TV since 1957 and was Gomez Addams right before this series and is in a movie coming out later this year. Kelly Rutherford is in Gossip Girl, and Billy Drago has a few things coming out soon. I downloaded this episode using a torrent. The sound will become further off the longer you watch it. If you like or don’t like it better, let me know, as I will continue using the downloaded episodes unless I am told otherwise. Thanks. (Please rate and leave comments, thank you.) Boam/Cuse Productions. and Warner Bros. Television. 1994. All rights reserved This is owned by FOX. No copyright infringement is intended and no profits are being made. This is purely for the enjoyment of the fans.

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