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Addams Household Thanksgiving

Wednesday Addams teaches us the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
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25 Responses to “Addams Household Thanksgiving”

  1. MurasakiTsukimaru says:

    Wednesday knows how to deal with a Mary Sue

  2. Optimalillusion says:

    As a Native American, I heartily approve this message.

    Where de white wimmen at?

  3. differentandalike says:

    i love this video. it makes fun of serious issues. kind of like my videos YOU SYMBOLIZE HOPE

  4. wickedwitchwest12323 says:

    Wednesday is officially the best day of the week.

  5. nanukaable says:

    wendsday is best

  6. sweetchunks22 says:

    So the first time I watched this, I only payed attention to Wednesday but now looking at ‘Running Bear’ hahahhh he was smiling smirking the whole time she had her speech about the reservations ect. LOL I think he and Wednesday are ADORABLE together!! And ‘Sarah Miller’ sucks.

  7. ghettoprecious says:

    baddest bitch everrrr

  8. yokim4ever says:

    i love this movie

  9. cantstopluvinu14 says:

    Wednesday is super cool

  10. TidalCat says:

    Best. Play. Ever.

    Her mother would be so proud.

  11. fcbrt says:

    Best speach ever Wednesday, and so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. selenadelos says:

    This the the true way we should have greeted Pilgrims, funny and dear Wednesday did not even cover half the reasons.

  13. ihateteddddyx says:

    wednesday, beauty <3

  14. HADESROCKS3292 says:

    i can not explain how much i love wendsday…

  15. HADESROCKS3292 says:

    i saw this when i was about six… wendsday was my favorite… creepy huh?

  16. martind586 says:

    im gonna think about this later and ….. LAUGH!

  17. superiorintellectual says:


  18. DJVirgoNeun says:

    This had to have been the most racist ass play in the movie I’ve ever seen! I mean listen to the lines counselor Gary gave the girl playing as Sarah Miller! XDDD

  19. MrTruthSeeka says:

    what movie is this?

  20. SergioVaranitsa says:

    Check out me playing the main song of Addams Family (guitar) on my channel!

    Hope you’ll like it ;)

  21. TheWritersDiary says:

    The Addams Family motto: “We gladly feast on those who would subdue us.”

  22. RainPoetry says:

    @TangibleNought And the best part is the restless natives get their revenge on the racists.

  23. TangibleNought says:

    This play is so politically incorrect and racist it’s hilarious.

  24. 9foxgrl15 says:

    when Wednesday lights the match I’m thinking “Alright! Burn the brat!”

  25. Montesama says:

    After watching “The Addams Family” and “The Addams Family Values” for the first time in years…
    I think I love this girl.
    An earlier part of the movie:
    Sarah Miller (Amanda): “Why are you dressed like you’re going to a funeral?”
    Wednesday: “…Wait.”
    Well I waited, and now I know whose funeral it is.
    And Pocahantas and Running Bear float off into the sunset… THE END.

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