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Addams Family TV Show Opening 1964

Adams Family TV Show Opening 1964 written by Vic Mizzy

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25 Responses to “Addams Family TV Show Opening 1964”

  1. iamsosexy47 says:


  2. Zetsubou12345 says:

    @SammEater Oh cool… Yeah, i am just casually asking. Did not really expecting a reply LOL.

  3. SammEater says:


    20 years old, sir, is just that in my country when I was a kid there was a channel who showed only old tv shows, and I watched a lot of Bonanza, The Three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin, The Twilight Zone and this one show that I love (and there was too a old VHS store with lots of old series and I watched a lot).

    Why you ask? I guess it have something to do with me being “too young” to know those series, hey? :P

  4. Zetsubou12345 says:

    @SammEater How old are you>?

  5. uka2080 says:

    @TheDragonbuster100 me to!!

  6. mayaestefy says:

    jejejje me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. ImAwesomeAndYouKnow8 says:

    Carolyn Jones looks like Christina Ricci.

  8. holt27330 says:

    i love this them song and the show o and dont for git michel miers


    ooky spooky kooky.
    Adam Famaglia.

  10. tsartodd says:

    if only all goth chicks were as hot as Carolyn Jones.

  11. therealjoebloggs says:

    Carolyn Jones= hot Goth chick.

  12. kennethamoultry says:

    By far, the most popular & recognizable television theme song of all time.

  13. TheDragonbuster100 says:

    I want to live with The Addams family :D

  14. LordDragonage1000 says:

    @SammEater I realy don’t think sugar craze’s supposed to look like that.

  15. SammEater says:


    Its sugar, probably… I hope… :P

  16. LordDragonage1000 says:

    @SammEater The kids, however, look like they’re on something. And I don’t mean the floor.

  17. alaitain says:

    liked the show when i was young and still like the show today.

  18. UnreliableLiar says:

    Lurch is really hadsome :D

  19. fventurino14 says:

    when I was a child I go to my grandfather house and I spend all night wachting this,for me it was so creepy but funny,if it start in Tv again I will see it!

  20. WhiteWings323 says:

    coincidentaly the adams family movie showed after my dads funeral ( Inside joke)

  21. THLEdrei says:

    Happy Halloween! Has it really been 2 years since we lost Vic Mizzy?

  22. wildwildwest1414 says:

    Lurch is the coolest of them all.

  23. randomchyka777 says:

    morticia looks like wednesday from the movie

  24. WhiteWolfWinter says:

    I like their house. Wish I could live in an old Victorian mansion.

  25. andilove18 says:

    I feel like watching the show now :D

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