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Adam 12

Remembering the Adam 12 TV Series. With Martin Milner, Kent McCord, William Boyett

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25 Responses to “Adam 12”

  1. 415Riggs says:

    we still have the same handheld mic in the car….ca1942-16

  2. MrMike3865 says:

    I learned the California Penal code numbers used on the show, but I only remember a few these days :(

  3. MrMike3865 says:

    Is Adam 12 on DVD? I loved that show as a kid. I remember fixing Motorola Motrac radios (not for any law inforcement agency), just like the ones used in Adam 12. They were big and heavy and had tubes!

  4. RQVOutdoorMoovies says:

    A FIVE STAR tribute to a FIVE STAR SHOW. Especially appreciated as I look forward to season 4 on DVD. Those production photos are unbelievable. Thank you so much for posting. By the way, Martin milner appears in a 3 part video here on you tube you might enjoy. Just type into search: route 66 festival part 1

  5. ilovemartinmilner says:

    Malloy is awesome and I too, would do nasty things to Martin Milner.

  6. twinkletoez100 says:

    @585michael is that the guy that plays Reed

  7. Ordie155 says:

    Same exact radio we used too.
    I remember the very heavy walkie talkies as well.
    I was a Cop in the BC (before cams) days!

  8. scottpd1404 says:

    WOW, I can remeber using a Motorola Motrac radio like that when I was a young officer… I feel old . :(

  9. 585michael says:

    Kent McCord was so cute!

  10. NitekMuscle says:

    I would do nasty things to Martin Milner.

  11. badge764 says:

    real cop, honest and with full integrity.

  12. bluetechgeorgia says:

    If you have Netflix, you can watch all the seasons on streaming. I just got thru all 7 seasons. I’m in love with Malloy.

  13. paramedic51 says:

    great,great show with a wonderful cast!
    love it!

    thanks for the video!

  14. TheGuard001 says:

    I still watch this show. Malloy is awesome !

  15. MrZol says:

    lol you go girl !!

  16. fdnyemt5330 says:

    A-12 was the first show to feature street cops. When you think about it, they paved the way for shows like COPS

  17. crazytomatogirl says:

    Kent McCord is so Hot I love his dard hair handsome face and had a very nice ass in those tight pants !

  18. Ordie155 says:

    We used to do that when I was in the Navy, but we did it to the head shaking up and down. A true trademark of anything Jack Webb had a hand in.

  19. visor109 says:

    If you have ever played the “Hey Bob!” game from the old Bob Newhart show of the 70′s, then we should have a similar game with Adam12. Have friends over, start watching Adam-12, then, then a drink everytime you hear Reed say on the radio, “One-Adam 12, Roger!”

  20. dave54303 says:

    there was never an episode where they responded to a call with chains and knives

  21. dave54303 says:

    awesome show. I have the seasons on my netflix

  22. lyndsey04404 says:

    I WAS BORN IN 1963 and definitely remember this show. These cops were ahead of their time. They cared deeply about their jobs.

  23. shf84 says:

    My sister is hella crazy about this show she has actually worn out several dvds in her A-12 collection and watches it constantly on line at hulu . It is definitely a classic and more realistic than a lot of cop shows.

  24. NYPlasticPaddy says:

    This show inspired me to become a cop

  25. whifty says:

    They hold there riot Helmets.

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