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Adam-12: Season Two

Adam-12: Season Two

A spin-off of the popular NBC-TV series Dragnet that was created and produced by that series Jack Webb, Adam-12 chronicled in striking
detail and accuracy events from real LAPD cases. The show presented actual department-issue badges, vehicles and

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Price: $ 16.82

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5 Responses to “Adam-12: Season Two”

  1. Glenn M. Schoditsch says:

    Review by Glenn M. Schoditsch for Adam-12: Season Two
    SHOUT Factory has done a superb job with its treatment of Adam-12: Season Two! Neatly packaged with duel slimline cases with picture discs, this release shows Universal CAN do it right, with the right marketer at the helm. SHOUT Factory, a division of Universal Studios has reversed the substandard muck of previous Jack Webb sets; i.e. Dragnet 1967 – Season 1, Adam-12 – Season One and all of the Emergency seasons!

    Gone are discs with muddy audio, video with artifactual trash, and discs that froze or simply wouldn’t play at all. This second season of Adam-12 is presented exactly the way we remember it! Most episodes are a whopping 25 minutes long, including the Jack Webb trademark MARK VII Limited AND the Universal Studios ending. All 26 episodes are present with some great bonus features.

    Ten stars for crisp video & audio, a complete season w/bonus features, a super friendly price and fantastic production and authoring of a classic treasure!

  2. M. Bowyer says:

    Review by M. Bowyer for Adam-12: Season Two
    Very good release of Adam-12′s second season. I can’t believe that after three years season two has finally been released. Too bad Shout Factory didn’t release season one. The release of season one by Universal had cheap double-sided discs that were full of problems. I had to return my season one set three times and I still have problems with the set that I ended up with. The transfers were good, but the discs themselves had many problems. Enough talk of season one. This is about season two, right? This is a handsomely packaged, four disc set. All single-sided discs housed in two thin slipcases. I had no problems with any of the discs. Thanks for the extras, but can’t someone get Marty and Kent for any sort of commentary or interview? I’m not complaining, but since both guys are still around one would think they’d be asked to contribute something. The season itself is great and I thoroughly enjoyed every episode. This is the season Reed and his wife have their baby. The boys have lots of adventures and all of the episodes are good. Highly recommended! Hopefully it won’t take another three years for season three.

  3. D. Pauley says:

    Review by D. Pauley for Adam-12: Season Two
    “1 Adam 12, 1 Adam 12″ Wow! It has been a long time coming, but it seems that Season Two is on the way. This show stayed consistently strong throughout its entire run. If you enjoyed Season One, you will also enjoy Season Two. I hope they release the entire series of this high quality and highly entertaining police show. The fact that fantastic shows like this are taken for granted today is more of a reflection on the current state of our society (and its mindless shows) rather than the quality of the programming of these older shows. Here’s hoping we will see the soon release of the remaining seasons of Dragnet and Emergency! on DVD.

  4. Nicholas Donvito Sr. says:

    Review by Nicholas Donvito Sr. for Adam-12: Season Two
    Great TV show and my absolute favorite. This came us just before I went into the Army and then onto Vietnam, but I never forgot the series. I has always liked Jack Webb in anything and being and adopted member of the LAPD he had all the inside info on how the department ran and what invetigations he had access to. This inspired me to go onto a 28 year police career in upstate NY, retiring in 1999 as a Sergeant. Although I held ranks as an Investigator, SGT. LT and Chief of Police in two local departments. But I liked my supervisors job the best and that’s what I went back to the last five years of my career. No regrets, it was my favorite rank just like Sgt. McDonald on the TV Series. Nick Donvito, Camillus, NY.

  5. Connor M. says:

    Review by Connor M. for Adam-12: Season Two
    Sound The Alarm, ADAM 12 is back for Season 2, with all 26 action thrilling episodes. It has been along wait since the release of Season 1 and was released back in August 2005. I hope quality is better than what they released for Emergency! Season 4. If you enjoyed Season 1, then you will want to buy Season 2. So yets hope there is no delay in the release of Season 3 and it follow soon, along with Emergency! Season 5.

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