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Adam-12: Season Four

Adam-12: Season Four

Los Angeles, 1972. A simpler time relative to todays high-tech police dramas, but with material just as compelling storywise. The cases are real and the criminals every bit as desperate, slick and ruthless.

Officers Pete Malloy (Martin Milner

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List Price: $ 34.97

Price: $ 19.48

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5 Responses to “Adam-12: Season Four”

  1. D. Pauley says:

    Review by D. Pauley for Adam-12: Season Four
    Shout factory has done a fantastic job in their releases of Seasons 2 and 3 of Adam 12 (Universal did season 1). The picture quality is crisp, sharp, clear and with excellent color – no fading or worn picture. The audio is clear. Packaging consists of a nice outer box with two slim plastic holders containing 2 DVD’s each. The DVD’s are one sided. There have been some nice additional features that Shout has put together for the releases.

    This is one of my favorite police dramas of all time. It gives a nice glimpse into the police work of the very late 60′s and the first half of the 70′s). This season marks a newer looking police car for Reed and Maloy (not a big deal – just an observation). They switch from a 1968/69 Plymouth Belvedere to a 1971 Plymouth Satellite. The final three seasons (seasons 5-7) saw a third car, an AMC Matador. As always, expect high moral values and integrity from these police officers (something that marked each of Jack Webb’s biggest hits – Dragnet, Adam-12 and Emergency!).

    A great show to watch as a family.

  2. Thomas Glen Parnell says:

    Review by Thomas Glen Parnell for Adam-12: Season Four
    “this is an all-time favorite “police drama”, especially among fans who(like myself) watched this show as a kid, & we saw the men in blue, as we would like them to’s “cop shows” are major disapointments; these shows did’nt have 12 or 13 sub-plots, just 30 mins. of dramatic entertainment at it’s best!”

  3. S. Rouse says:

    Review by S. Rouse for Adam-12: Season Four
    My daughter and I love Adam-12. I watched it as a child and now she loves the show. We have the first four seasons which are all great. I had purchased a so-called complete series DVD set but that turned out to be a bunch of over the air recordings which had bad sound and some commericials. This is the real deal. Original TV quality. Just wish they’d release the other seasons for us to buy.

  4. Barbara A. Pinarowiez says:

    Review by Barbara A. Pinarowiez for Adam-12: Season Four
    I have purchased every Adam 12 season available, with season 4 being the latest. I am looking forward to future seasons, and will purchase them when they become available. This is a very good police series with a great cast.

  5. Classic TV Fan says:

    Review by Classic TV Fan for Adam-12: Season Four
    This show is a gem. I’ve enjoyed every season, including season 1, although the quality before Shout took over production left something to be desired. The chemistry between the two leads is very believable and while it did come out of Jack Webb’s factory (just the facts) you really feel like you know what makes Malloy and Reed tick. It’s like finding a wonderful time capsule that spotlights late ’60s/early ’70s Los Angeles. I remember loving this show as a kid so when it came out on DVD I’ve waited for each release. If you’re a fan of classic TV you will not be disappointed. There are also quite a few guest appearances by faces you will no doubt recognize. Keep ‘em coming!

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