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Adam-12: Season Five

Adam-12: Season Five

Officers Pete Malloy (Martin Milner) and Jim Reed (Kent McCord) return for another siren-blasting season of Jack Webbs police drama classic Adam-12.

Real badges, real cars and real cases Season Five finds the partnering police pair in a s

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List Price: $ 34.93

Price: $ 22.66

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4 Responses to “Adam-12: Season Five”

  1. Mark Wolf says:

    Review by Mark Wolf for Adam-12: Season Five
    I have enjoyed the first 4 seasons and wait with great anticipation for season 5 to hit the market.

    The stories are taken from real life cases in L.A. If you like Dragnet you will feel the same about this show. Not only was it a great series but the quality of the first 4 seasons of Adam 12 have been outstanding, no reason to think otherwise with this next season. And to top it off it comes in at a very attractive and affordable price at less then $25.00…Great deal, great show and great quality, hard to top that.

  2. Matt P. Swintek says:

    Review by Matt P. Swintek for Adam-12: Season Five
    Thank you Shout Factory for continuing to release the Adam-12 franchise! The show just keeps getting better by the season and volume 5 is no exception. Buy it with no regrets.

    By the way, Jack Webb had a knack for advertising new projects. I’m quite certain that one of your favorite episodes will be the one where Reed and Malloy end up taking a young boy to Rampart General Hospital where you will meet the main cast of Emergency! (Julie, Robert, Bobby, Kevin, and Randy!) It’s truly a Jack Webb “overload.” – Brilliant!

    Dragnet 1968: Season Two

  3. LT1-350 says:

    Review by LT1-350 for Adam-12: Season Five
    Adam-12 still running strong after the first 4 seasons. It was even used as training for procedures by some departments. Jack Webb’s attention to detail shows again as it had in “Dragnet” and later on in “Emergency!”

  4. Pete Malloy says:

    Review by Pete Malloy for Adam-12: Season Five
    Adam-12 is the best show ever and Dragnet is a very close second. Jack Webb was a genius. it’s great that the seasons are finally coming out on DVD. If you haven’t seem this show do yourself the favor and get it! You’ll be hooked from the first show. Adam-12 as well as the actors and creators have been honored many times by the Los Angeles police Dept. As well as many website like, [...]

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