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Adam-12 Season 4 Opening

The opening credits for the 4th season (1971-72) of Jack Webb’s classic police series Adam-12, which originally aired on NBC from 1968-75. The 1971 Plymouth Satellite patrol car seen here was only featured during this 4th season of the series. Cars used for ADAM-12 patrol by the stars were as follows – Pilot: 1967 Plymouth Belvedere; Season 1: 1968 Plymouth Belvedere; Seasons 2&3: 1969 Belvedere; Season 4: 1971 Plymouth Satellite; Seasons 5 thru 7: 1972 AMC Matador sedan (yes, I thought this was odd that the ’72 Matador was used for 3 seasons!). A few other Mopars and Mercurys were also used as back-up cars during the run of the series, especially representing what the LAPD used during that era. NOTE: Fair use and education regarding Classic TV history are the purpose here, thanks.
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7 Responses to “Adam-12 Season 4 Opening”

  1. roroapollo2 says:

    True professionals. My idea of what a cop should act and be

  2. rickhuck64 says:

    Adam 12 is a classic police show. I remember when I was a kid, I could not wait each week to see it. A lot of people became police officers because of this show and Dragnet.

  3. OldsVistaCruiser says:

    Love that Chrysler big-block at wide-open throttle!

  4. frankd1965 says:

    @idak12 Chrysler owned the police car & taxicab business

  5. gli7utubeo says:

    I wonder why the cars on emergency duty aren’t backed into spaces for fast getaway.

  6. idak12 says:

    The Plymouth Satellite was the best looking of all the cop cars.

  7. megamanj2004X says:

    This was also one of Stephen J. Cannell’s (YES, that Stephen J. Cannell who later gave us shows like The A-Team, Hunter, 21 Jump Street, etc)earliest stints, as a writer for Jack Webb’s shows

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