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Adam-12 Season 4 Opening

The opening credits for the 4th season (1971-72) of Jack Webb’s classic police series Adam-12, which originally aired on NBC from 1968-75. The 1971 Plymouth Satellite patrol car seen here was only featured during this 4th season of the series. Cars used for ADAM-12 patrol by the stars were as follows – Pilot: 1967 Plymouth Belvedere; Season 1: 1968 Plymouth Belvedere; Seasons 2&3: 1969 Belvedere; Season 4: 1971 Plymouth Satellite; Seasons 5 thru 7: 1972 AMC Matador sedan (yes, I thought this was odd that the ’72 Matador was used for 3 seasons!). A few other Mopars and Mercurys were also used as back-up cars during the run of the series, especially representing what the LAPD used during that era. NOTE: Fair use and education regarding Classic TV history are the purpose here, thanks.
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25 Responses to “Adam-12 Season 4 Opening”

  1. SheriffTankStoner says:

    @idak12 I wish the A-12 Satellite had the curvy steering wheel that went with the Satellite Custom

  2. nextwwediva26 says:

    @richmjr67 I was mad awhile back cause they had it on RTV then took it off..thank you!! You made my day!! =)

  3. evangelistbarry65 says:

    Officer Reed was also officer Paul Culver in an episode of Dragnet which helped spawn the Adam-12 spin-off

  4. richmjr67 says:

    They have this on antenna tv….damn Pete was kinda fast barreling out of the space in the intro

  5. zandor1956 says:

    are both of these guys still alive i use to love this show on saturday nites damm im old lol lol

  6. chuckbear1961 says:

    I bought all the series last month great show …… Maybe a new version “one Townsend-Mole”

  7. chuckbear1961 says:

    I bought all the series last month great show …… Maybe a new version “one townsend-Mole”

  8. B17Boy says:

    @idak12 – I agree. I always perferred the Satellites. I’m guessing a 440-4bbl. Though a 383-4bbl. would be possible too. When I was in an explorer/cadet program in 1975 with the local police, they had a 1971 Polara. 440 – 4bbl. If you breathed on the accelerator, you broke the tires loose. It had a 22 gallon gas tank and once took just over 23 gallons of gas to fill it. The sargeant was not too happy it got that low.

  9. B17Boy says:

    @MacGrurry – Yeah. That’s because Uzi’s weren’t available yet.

  10. bobbycv64 says:


    YOU ARE SO FUNNY, My first was was the FURY III

    Nice BOX

  11. charlesthepoet2004 says:

    charles h. miranda OR:

  12. vccstudents says:

    I spoke to Martin Milner on his old radio show a few years ago and joked with him about when he crashed this car in the episode where he’s stranded in Griffith Park. One week later he was all patched up and back behind the wheel of another Satellite!

  13. HalRoach says:

    They handled code 3 the best!

  14. CHiPsFan01 says:

    You can really hear that engine accelerating down the driveway.

  15. OldsVistaCruiser says:

    @Johndenver1958 – Wait until the ’12 Chevy Caprice comes out!

  16. Kittyslasher69 says:

    OH YEAH!!!!!!!

    They need to make cars like those again, except with airbags!

    Oh, and we need to bring back front bench seating, since 6-passenger seating will make carpooling more functional! Thats how much I reminisce old cars like these! Oh, and we need a hybrid car similar to that one, so that way we can save the environment (topped with carpoolers).

  17. Johndenver1958 says:

    i love the ply mouth satellite.. better than the charger and the crown vics that ford have there ..

  18. The1baddman says:

    Rest in Peace, Stephen J. Cannell he wrote some episodes of Adam-12 in the early to mid 70′s; before hitting it big with Baa Baa Black Sheep(later Squadron) and The Rockford Files,and also a lot of the shows he wrote and created in th 80′s.

  19. MacGrurry says:

    “….with chains..and knives…..”

  20. LowellWable says:

    I agree @idak12 Its my favorite of all the ADAM 12 cars they used.

  21. LowellWable says:


    I agree its my favorite of all the ADAM 12 cars!!!

  22. SFConifer says:

    One Adam Twelve, 2-11 in progress, One Adam Twelve handle code 3 (lights flashing and siren blaring!)

  23. Lyubov91 says:

    @gli7utubeo That’s so unrealistic that cops would have to do that. I would think that at a *real* police station, they would have several strategically-placed parking spots for the cop cars so that the cops didn’t have to waste their time with such maneuvers.

  24. gli7utubeo says:

    @Lyubov91 Thanks. And notice how there is a conveniently open space for them to back into so they don’t have to turn too tightly or make 2 moves to get out.

  25. Lyubov91 says:

    @gli7utubeo I wondered the same thing. They could have saved themselves several crucial seconds if they had backed in.

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