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Adam-12 Promo (Long Version)

Here is a 60 Second Promo for the hit tv show Adam-12 starring Martin Milner and Kent McCord.

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25 Responses to “Adam-12 Promo (Long Version)”

  1. WendyKroy77 says:

    Ah the beginnings of “Cops” and the “Jerset Shore” generation – a fine fine american tradition and culture in the making.

  2. okdriver58 says:

    Loved this show every day after school as a kid thanks glued to tv then still am when on reto tv.Anyone know what the acters are up to these day’s?Thanks okdriver58.

  3. KingofComputing says:

    @ohiofan1989 if you were to edit this in a nonlinear editor like final cut pro or adobe premier pro or avid media composer you can color correct the video to give it a closer to real look. i feel like that’s how Hulu gets them to look fresh, that’s where i watch them all. there’s 102 episodes of ADAM-12 on hulu

  4. funchords says:

    @ohiofan1989 Thanks for this!

  5. thefirefighter2011 says:


    was that announcer Don Fontaine?

  6. turbo1964 says:

    In 1969 on the way to Disneyland, we came upon the Adam 12 car on the highway. The front of the car had both actors in a cop car, but the car was sort of on a flatbed w/ cameras on the back. To this day, I look to see if I can see my aunts station wagon as background vehicles w/ my nose pressed agains the window.

  7. baraxor says:

    All units in the vicinity of 1 Adam-12. 1 Adam-12, officer down at Bing Crosby residence. Handle code three.

  8. missrachel98 says:

    i love adam 12, my dad watched it as a kid

  9. jrjr143 says:


  10. Superbatfan says:

    In California, if an officer shoots a suspect there are always a bunch of second guessers who will say that he could have done something less lethal despite the fact that the suspect may have pulled a gun, knife or other weapon on the officer. The officer is supposed to think how he can use non lethal methods in the ten second time frame. It doesn’t matter that the officer may be killed in that ten seconds, as long as the suspect isn’t hurt.

  11. 80s4U says:

    rolling through Compton/Long Beach/ Inglewood when it was white & clean.

  12. LIONSMANIAC says:

    Cops NOT WEARING seat belts!!!!

  13. OEKCVB says:

    Too bad LAPD is now ran as a business not as a Police station officers are not protected like they used to be, its sad Gates was the best Chief he cared for LA and the Officers, he was a cops cop………….RIP in Chief we miss you and thanks for your service.

  14. rogerL1961 says:

    great show guys.

  15. GhostryderRebel says:

    This was a spinoff from Dragnet on NBC it was on syndications reruns during the late 1970 s thy sure dont make good Action cops tv show like Adam12 and Dragnet anymore nowdays

  16. GhostryderRebel says:

    This was a spinoff from Dragnet it was on syndications reruns durin the late 1970 s thy sure dont make good cops action tv show like Adam12 nowdays!

  17. 1560438 says:

    Considering tthis show was 40 years old, they did a credible job with it for the time!

  18. SuperSwagger91 says:

    I wish there were full episodes uploaded on here, it’s virtually impossible to watch if you’re in the UK :(

  19. RQVOutdoorMoovies says:

    Awesome video! I’ve seen the first 3 seasons on DVD and seeing these network promos really take me back. Very, very cool…thanks for posting. By the way, there’s a nice 3 part video on Route 66 with a nice interview with Martin Milner. Type into search: route 66 festival part 1

  20. hop21537 says:

    close! very close! that guy, was the voice of comercials during the early 70s im not sure of his name, but he was on all toys, t.v. and movies.

  21. blueeyesofice says:

    the blonde policeman sure is cute and nice :o )

  22. LitterboxDiorama says:

    The narrator makes it sound vaguely like one of the 70s GI joe action figure commercials………..” you and GI joe can take to the streets, hold a stakeout, and can catch a theif with his kung fu grip!”

  23. Jearicues says:

    I watch this show every day and I even have the whole season on DVD. this show is great.

  24. majroslawa says:

    Mój ulubiony serial z dzieciństwa! Byłam zakochana w Adamie!!!

  25. hankgs says:

    I grew up in Southern CA on this show and Emergency! I can remember going to a Car Show at the LA Convention Center and meeting Martin Milner and Kent McCord WITH the ADAM-12 unit ! lol Back in the late 60′s and early 70′s the LAPD would come to Elementary Schools and do high speed turns and burnouts in their patrol cars… very cool :)

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