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Adam 12

Remembering the Adam 12 Tv Series. With Martin Milner, Kent McCord, William Boyett

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  1. Silver1Sprg says:

    @ :50, it looks like Adam 12 meets Mayberry. Loved this show. You can see most of the episodes on the web. Also grew up and became a reserve deputy for about 20 years. Enjoyed those days, and yes, when I got hired, I remember seeing those Motorola Motrac radios in some of our vans and older cars.

  2. barmtrail says:

    This was the best show, as well as emergency ofcourse. Southern california has changed very much since these days. You NEVER ran from a cop when that red light went on, NEVER!!! reason being the word was when they catched you, you got a good beating, and your dad would just say, “well why did you run stupid? Mommys run the households now here in So Cal, so all we have are a bunch of spoiled kids who smart mouth the P.D. and the cameras ruin law enforcement.
    R.I.P. Jack Webb.

  3. barmtrail says:

    The south park was great!!! i am cryin now thanks to cartman.

  4. SoCalDualSport says:

    Fuckin stupid powerpoint

  5. lskylimper says:

    @vtrita I know it’s been 2 yrs since you posted but, YES Pete and Jim would do a special episode of COPS. The X-Files did it. I miss this show, and ones like them. We had good cops and Bad guys. I remember watching the episode about how hot it was, at the end Pete says to the Sgt. We didn’t hear the recall to change uniforms because Jim wears ear plugs when he goes swimming. Something like that. At that point I wanted to be a cop, take breaks and go swimming, cool!!!

  6. FireitupBedford says:

    This was pretty sweet up until the 1:49 mark. Couldn’t listen after that…

  7. MrDjh66 says:

    Does anyone know the episode when Milner has the accident in the cop car!I remember it was a pretty serious episode when I was a kid.thanks

  8. MuckyPup1969 says:

    LOL… Remember the walkie talkies the cops used in the 1970s? They had the metal pull-up antena. I often wonder if the antena ever broke.

  9. MuckyPup1969 says:

    @scottpd1404 Motorola is the Best. Some PDs still use that name brand.

  10. styleriders100cold says:

    @MsMelissaDavis1 hey im a kid and love it more then you do so put your hands off the key board and put your mouse down!4

  11. okdriver58 says:

    This show takes me back to my youth thanks one of my all time fav’s.

  12. ryanwp69 says:

    @BunnerFrog cool

  13. 747777 says:

    great shows from the 70′s unlike todays trash

  14. BunnerFrog says:

    I still have the limited edition ADAM 12 toy police car, made from MATCHBOX toys :-)

  15. mistaVOLman says:

    arguably one of the greatest cop shows of all time

  16. deere800 says:

    I thought this would be interesting. but what a bunch of crap.

  17. MsMelissaDavis1 says:

    @Ordie155 I am one of the Adam- 12′s greatest fans i am still in love with Kent McCord i was born in 1966 and watched it comming up in grade school. I am 44 years old and live in Orlando Fl. I was born in NEW YORK. I would like to meet him with senator Kendrick Meek of Miami. We are in the midst of a racial ordeal with our news teams in orlando. News man Mark McCuin of New YORK had to come and see what happened, he worked for about 1yr and became sick with a stroke. I saw him last in downtown

  18. bigjimsteelrod says:

    ol’ Boyett just looked like a cop, didnt he? I dont think I ever saw him play anything else

  19. 415Riggs says:

    we still have the same handheld mic in the car….ca1942-16

  20. MrMike3865 says:

    I learned the California Penal code numbers used on the show, but I only remember a few these days :(

  21. MrMike3865 says:

    Is Adam 12 on DVD? I loved that show as a kid. I remember fixing Motorola Motrac radios (not for any law inforcement agency), just like the ones used in Adam 12. They were big and heavy and had tubes!

  22. RQVOutdoorMoovies says:

    A FIVE STAR tribute to a FIVE STAR SHOW. Especially appreciated as I look forward to season 4 on DVD. Those production photos are unbelievable. Thank you so much for posting. By the way, Martin milner appears in a 3 part video here on you tube you might enjoy. Just type into search: route 66 festival part 1

  23. ilovemartinmilner says:

    Malloy is awesome and I too, would do nasty things to Martin Milner.

  24. twinkletoez100 says:

    @585michael is that the guy that plays Reed

  25. Ordie155 says:

    Same exact radio we used too.
    I remember the very heavy walkie talkies as well.
    I was a Cop in the BC (before cams) days!

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