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Adam-12 1st Season Opening

The opening theme credits for the first season (1968-69) of Adam-12. A 1968 Plymouth Belvedere patrol car is used. NOTE: Fair use is intended here, with regards to Classic TV history education.
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25 Responses to “Adam-12 1st Season Opening”

  1. cattoes says:

    THIS WAS my favorite cop show next to DRAGNET.GREAT CLASSIC.

  2. cattoes says:

    my favorite classic cop show next to DRAGNET. R.D.

  3. deckard97 says:

    @Juliaflo raised and tapiing every day

  4. msm618 says:

    That “primitive dispatch center” was first opened in City Hall (LAPD HQ then) in the 1930′s. Complaint Board, conveyor belts and RTO’s arranged in a horseshoe. The whole setup was copied across the nation.
    The whole operation (RTO consoles and all) were moved across the street to the new Police Administration Building (later Parker Center) when it opened in the early 50′s.
    Until Computer Aided Dispatch (ca 1983), the system, and it”s sister operation at Van Nuys division served us well.

  5. Juliaflo says:

    Those of you who enjoy seeing Adam-12 on Antenna TV, raise your hand.

  6. MrCzechers says:

    That primitive dispatch center always cracks me up. Of course, someday they’ll be laughing at our primitive cutting edge technology.

  7. sneezyize says:

    @VanWADebbie It was the only car back in the 1960′s that the officers weren’t considered pigs by the hippies. LMAO!

  8. JENDALL714 says:

    Why do I recall seeing the first season in Black and White for some reason? We owned a color TV, so it could not have been the TV, I distinctively remember the first season in Black and White! My memory must be failing me!

  9. johnwoa says:

    @VanWADebbie As my late father, who was in the police service, would say,……. “That’s the way the producer wanted it!”

  10. BushMass says:

    This was good until Wambaugh’s ‘Police Story’ came along. Sure would love to get “Police Story” on DVD, impossible…

  11. GlitterMike says:

    @barmtrail The cops stopped using those wheel guns because all of the criminals now use semi-automatics.

  12. newstart49 says:

    When police were still public servants- called “Peace Officers”. The more violent criminals and stupid gang people today have forced them to be military type trained bullies. What does the future hold? Don’t want to know.

  13. Chickenman702 says:

    I truly missed the glory days of TV, I recently picked up the first series of this eBay and I was surprised how good it is! i was born in 1993 and the closest thing I had to this when I was growing up was The Bill (Although I don’t think this ever aired in the UK anyway)

  14. RPULTZ69 says:

    that was the spin-off of Dragnet. After the episode with McCord as a rookie cop in an Internal Affairs investigation

  15. FERANDANTE says:

    “…atención area 12 un robo en progreso…” ah infancia divino tesoro

  16. aydencamdyn says:

    This Is Awesome!

  17. paniclego97 says:

    @barmtrail lol nice pun but ya society just isnt as open minded as it used to be especially with media

  18. VanWADebbie says:

    Seems Adam 12 was the only car in the city to handle calls that day.

  19. barmtrail says:

    @JarheadPatriot0311 You must be fasinated then with the 5000 channel cable channels that control most of the easily impressioned public and how most every movie that comes out of hollywood can influence the masses to believe that when tom cruise jumps off of a building without a parachute he can live, or the other completely insane messages that they spread without any remorse what they are doing to we humans. No responsibility for anything anymore. Same sex marriage and no laws! We R in trouble

  20. JarheadPatriot0311 says:

    @jengacrock LOL what a left wing Birkenstock wearing Bonehead remark. Hey! You’d better adjust the Che poster in your living room. It’s crooked.

  21. JarheadPatriot0311 says:

    @barmtrail I know what you mean. I grew up all around the area they filmed this show back in the sixties and it doesn’t look like this anymore. It’;s a Third World nightmare today and it’s heartbreaking to walk on Broadway in Downtown L.A. especially when you remember how it once was.

  22. fatmanfiftythousand says:

    @drypondscout Is that how you view every Democrat? I certainly hope not- because some might be prone to beating the everloving fuck out of you for saying that.

    Oh,, BTW, drypondshit- gainfully employed, don’t smoke pot, and I’m a straight man.

    Furthermore, my party wasn’t responsible for ignoring the warning signs on 9/11. Just saying.

  23. drypondscout says:

    @fatmanfiftythousand Brilliant response from a leftard basement troll  hooked on pot, twinks and your unemployment check. When you are through felching peanuts out of Barney Frank’s rectum work out a clearer response to why Callie is not a degenerate sick chunk of the planet due to open borders, faggotry,PC insanity and Union/gummint drones sucking off and throwing away the obscene state taxes on the productive. When you mouth isn’t full of course.

  24. fatmanfiftythousand says:

    @drypondscout You must be stupid. No, that’d be too nice.

  25. PolskaRezystans says:

    @mratfauver Hmmm, I’ll have to watch it again when it comes around.

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