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Accurate inaccuracy on the $10000 Pyramid.

Barbara Feldon cannot be anymore accurate than she is about the clues she’s giving in the Winner Circle.

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25 Responses to “Accurate inaccuracy on the $10000 Pyramid.”

  1. shoredude2 says:

    Would Richard Burton again or Richard Burton a second time be a legal clue?

  2. nylac100 says:

    You? (for things that buzz)

  3. rodney1279 says:

    RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

  4. GSNSmashFan3 says:

    Double that. She was using hand signals as well!

  5. kidfrombrooklyn66 says:

    @landrykkb It is. Originally the WC has 10 clues – however you can see a piece of board under the bottom line because someone felt that no one is going to get all 10 in 60 seconds.

  6. rickystash says:

    @ItzDaGMan that was a very brave thing to do. don’t ever feel like less of a man for loving elizabeth taylor.

    @stickstr8up he’s probably a little sensitive right now, tiger, but when you break down walls your muscles might start to hurt. that said, jesus wouldn’t want you to hold out for the $25,000 pyramid if it means your Dick York strays for a common Dick Sargent. stand tall, grab the sides, and push, stickstraightup. hard. liz did.

    ps your screen names are san francisco gay, ding ding.

  7. HarlemHyena says:

    Even back in the 70′s Pyramid still had plenty of epic fails.
    From Shatner’s solo WC to this train wreck.

  8. Beautifulmusiclistnr says:

    @landrykkb LOL I got a chuckle out of Barbara Feldon’s desperate attempt to describe Liz’s hubby’s. She did a great job though. Years ago, I knew all of Liz Taylor’s husbands. I’ve forgotten some of them, but here they are: Conrad Hilton Jr. 1950–51, Michael Wilding 1952–57, Mike Todd 1957–58, Eddie Fisher 1959–64, Richard Burton 1964–74, Richard Burton 1975–76, John Warner 1976–82, Larry Fortensky 1991–96. Had Liz had kids with Conrad Hilton, she’d be Paris’ Great Aunt!

  9. landrykkb says:

    @Beautifulmusiclistnr And that’s considering that Elizabeth Taylor would have only been in her early 40′s then and was married at least 4 times.Heck,I was only a few months old when this aired.

  10. landrykkb says:

    @NJTransitKing I would have been only 7 months old then.

  11. landrykkb says:

    @gamshwfan No,she was a stellar Pyramid player.The contestant’s failure to clue in doesn’t or shouldn’t reflect on her.

  12. landrykkb says:

    @stickstr8up He didn’t realize that Woodstock ended.LOL

  13. landrykkb says:

    @johnathangibbs Barbara Feldon wouldn’t have been allowed to mention any movies she starred in because she’d get penalized and buzzed for giving too much description.

  14. landrykkb says:

    @bobbyuggles Yes,this would have been Pyramid’s inaugural season.

  15. landrykkb says:

    @Matto2t I really don’t know what difference forbidding hand gestures made in later incarnations of Pyramid because this fellow still couldn’t get the hint.

  16. landrykkb says:

    That Woodstock casualty obviously never kept up to date with pop culture in that era.Even if you never watched an Elizabeth Taylor movie in your life or read the newspapers once in a while,you’d at least know she was married to Richard Burton.

  17. landrykkb says:

    @stickstr8up Yeah,he even looked the part right down to a tee.

  18. NateTheGreat555 says:

    @lobstertexas They also would have smacked her for every other clue where she used her hands. XD

  19. toscodav says:

    @stickstr8up Not everybody is into Liz Taylor dork. She was pretty much over the hill by the time this episode aired you pin head.

  20. recordman64 says:

    @2nd2nun1 :P They couldn’t…Dick ALWAYS warned the person giving the clues to NOT use their hands. Of course, there were moments when that did happen.

  21. Beautifulmusiclistnr says:

    @landrykkb Richard Burton (who she stole from Sybil Williams after they met on Cleopatra) and Eddie Fisher (who she stole from Debbie Reynolds). Barbara Feldon had a long list of names to choose for Taylor’s husbands!

  22. landrykkb says:

    Richard Burton alone should have gave that away!

  23. proudpalinista says:

    NOW THAT WAS AN AUDIENCE! They wanted to get up and clobber him.

  24. amez4life says:

    In the early days, they could, but later on (I presume during the $20,000 Pyramid) the judges became more strict and so that’s how the straps on the cluegiver’s chair came to be.

  25. amez4life says:

    Elizabeth Taylor

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