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ABC-Stoney Burke 1962-63

Jack Lord, before Hawaii 5-O was a cowboy in Stoney Burke which aired on ABC in 1962-63. This shows an opening to the series and a few minutes of the opening scenes. Visit

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  1. 1957MCL says:

    Thank God for’s great being able to excavate some of my earliest ever TV memories as a kid in Australia. We had 3 TV networks to fill and we got the best, mostly, of the US, Britain and our own stuff. Better programming then than now I’ll bet. (For the most part, not all old is gold).

  2. actionsub says:

    @actionsub All the more interesting since neither of them were Native Americans. DeKova was Italian, and Ansara was of Middle Eastern lineage.

  3. actionsub says:

    @wahoo76 Frank deKova was a producer’s go-to guy to play Native American roles that Michael Ansara wouldn’t do.

  4. wahoo76 says:

    Say, isn’t that Chief Wild Eagle (Frank deKova) from F-Troop shooting the bow & arrow initially? (I mean before Henry Silva from The Outer Limits and Buck Rogers totally screws up…)

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