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ABC-Rifleman 1960

Rifleman starring Chuck Conners ran on ABC from 1958 to 1963. This episode was from 1960. Visit

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  1. bullsnutsoz says:

    Boy o boy couldnt America do stuff in them days the whole world was rivetted.
    Comon fellas get rid of the NWO company and do it all again.We all want it!
    The marxists and facists will all have to leave the building.

  2. sodbuster925 says:

    my favorite western of all time i still love this show its on MeTV

  3. scryerofold says:

    Does anyone know how many people he was supposed to have killed being a peaceful rancher? Almost every episode he usally guns down one or more.

  4. chandlerherbert2 says:

    One of the finest westerns in the history of television!

  5. spacepatrolman says:

    @WSenator1 watch the detectives with robert taylor in here same composer the one hour episode with a cop thats a cop killer is good

  6. spacepatrolman says:

    @spacepatrolman a similar situation occured when gene evans was cast in the steel helmet they wanted to see if he could load an M1 rifle without getting his thumb caught in the breech

  7. spacepatrolman says:

    @whiskeyify right he caught it through it back at them and said what are you monkeys trying to pull [ it is unclear whether chuck connors ever studied acting he was a professional bassball player and basketball player then he sold insurance to a hollywood agent and convinced him to represent him [ maybe johnny crawford could shed some light on this ] clint walker said if you study acting it could spoill your natural ability he was a deputy sheriff who was “found ” by an agent

  8. code3mmc says:

    If the show took place in 1881, how did he get a hold of a Winchester Model 1892 rifle from 9 years in the future ??? Was he a time traveller or what ???

  9. WSenator1 says:

    Book ‘em, Big Boy!

  10. whiskeyify says:

    I read the story about why he was given the part…don’t know if it’s true or not.
    Seems as each actor opened the door to walk into the room where they were doing the interviews someone would toss a rifle at them. All of them fumbled and dropped it except for Chuck Conners.

  11. fromthesidelines says:

    This particular episode, “Miss Bertie” {December 27, 1960}, featured Agnes Moorehead in another of her more notable performances in a TV western….and an equally great supporting cast [Richard Anderson, Leonard Stone, Bill Quinn]. The director was James Clavell, who’d later turn novelist with several best-selling books, including “Shogun”, which itself was converred into a 1980 TV miniseries (of which also served as executive producer).

    Dick Powell: “This has been a FOUR STAR production”.

  12. JubalCalif says:

    THANKS for sharing this. One of my favorite TV theme songs. And the show itself was one of the BETTER half hour TV Westerns. Excellent casting certainly helped (Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford & Paul Fix, etc).

  13. WSenator1 says:

    @greennleafy – I was just on the “Wanted Dead or Alive” site, and the same man who wrote that theme also wrote this one. I agree with you about the music: ballsy, kick-ass!

  14. creaturebotman says:

    Hey..that super cool rifle?

    It might as well be his DICK!

    Play frame 0:00 to frame 0:05 over and over and its hilarious as hell!

    Looks like he’s jerking off!

    I am just saying…

    I dare you to play that frame over and over and not laugh just a little.

    Don’t get me wrong… I loved the Rifleman as a kid . It was one of the best.

    The Rifleman was a Bad Ass

  15. Airsoftcleaner says:

    I remember on Married with Children Al was talking about the Rifleman and his son and He pondered was that his wife he was shooting at at the beginning of the show LOL

  16. WSenator1 says:

    Guest star on was Agnes Moorhead, later Endora on “Bewitched”

  17. greennleafy says:

    this music, especially the closing theme, had a rich, very masculine sound that made me tingle. still does after all these years. and even though i hate guns, there’s nothing sexier than chuck connors with that rifle in his hands, those long legs and that “look” in his eyes. whew! thanks for posting this.

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