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A Tribute to “The Great One” – Jackie Gleason

Jackie Gleason brought an ingenious assortment of mannerisms, quirks, and temperment to a variety of invented characters, among them the one he is most identified with,…”Ralph Kramdem” from the 1950′s TV Classic, “The Honeymooners.” His unique style, facial expressions, body language, and memorable one-liners, earned him the deserved title, “THE GREAT ONE!”

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25 Responses to “A Tribute to “The Great One” – Jackie Gleason”

  1. yaya4now2 says:

    Multi faceted, multi talented ARTIST Extraordinare!

  2. 007glazenby says:

    He also had some pretty good music. In fact, I’m listening to “Music, Martinis and Memories” as I write this. A terriffic easy listening record.

  3. glasair says:

    At 2:09 Jackie threw in an ad-lib that got Art Carney laughing, and they just worked it and and went on. Jackie didn’t like to rehearse because it took away from the spontaneity and likewise didn’t like to do re-takes when someone cracked up.

  4. MrPoofgone says:

    What a day in T.V. History all the shows of the 50′s 60′s were awesome and iam very glad i got to see batman…period…..TY!

  5. jodonte1 says:


  6. TeachESL says:

    Comedy at its best – with the best comics!

  7. KaptKan1 says:

    I watched The Honeymooners as a kid, and The Jackie Gleason Show (“live, from Miami Beach!”) in my teens. Jackie was truly The Great One. How I miss him and all the zany characters he created! May God bless and rest his soul.

  8. ParanoidAsian says:

    1:16 Hey I’ve seen this one this is a classic this is the one where he dresses up in a spacesuit… well I saw it on a… re-run…

    (anyone who doesn’t get it has not lived… and I’m 19 years old)

  9. PeterFormaini says:

    @sickkat44 I knew I should have checked IMDb before I posted that!!! :D

    My apologies Joyce if you read this!!!!

  10. sickkat44 says:

    @PeterFormaini joyce randolph is still alive

  11. PeterFormaini says:

    MOre talent in their little fingers than most ‘comics’ today in their entire bodies. Of course, the quality of the writing was infinitely better then as well.

    R.I.P. Jackie and Art. And Audrey and Joyce as well!!

  12. emersonalum88 says:

    Laugh out loud funny! No one better!

  13. futureonewired101 says:

    love this show

  14. lacrossebabe39 says:

    I’m related to him :)

  15. KLUNKET says:

    @KLUNKET beyond- sorry about the typo- dang fat fingers! lol

  16. KLUNKET says:

    Jackie Gleason was simply BORN to entertain! What a wonderful actor and comedian! Jackie has been gone for 23 years now, and it is still sad to think that he is gone. I bet somewhere in the great beyong ol’ Jackie is making people laugh right now! How SWEEEET IT IS!!!!
    RIP Great One!

  17. 143AC says:

    Vetrain broadcaster Jay Jackson(Whom I met before he died)played the host of

    “The $99,000 Answer”).

  18. McDonnellWrite says:

    Ed Carney was a great second banana, and he helped make the Honeymooners even better — but Jackie was the greatest!

  19. 298625 says:

    Viva Youtube for keeping Jackie alive.

  20. MsNever2Late says:

    These episodes are timeless. The entire cast was amazing, but Gleason was pure genius!

  21. wazonu says:


  22. BladeRunner25463c says:

    where can i find the clip where Ralph loses it and calls Alice’s mom a BLABBERMOUTH!
    funniest thing I ever saw

  23. BladeRunner25463c says:

    where can i find the clip where Ralph loses it and calls Alice’s mom a BLABBERMOUTH!
    funniest thing I ever saw

  24. monasticbeing says:

    The Great One, the Great Work, 333

  25. TheWalmartQueen says:

    Might as well love him since he cant reject you like the real people you meet you old lonely bitter queen.
    RIP Jackie 6/24/1987

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