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A Tribute to “The Great 1″ – Jackie Gleason

Jackie Gleason brought an ingenious assortment of mannerisms, quirks, and temperment to a variety of invented characters, among them the one he is most identified with,…”Ralph Kramdem” from the 1950′s TV Classic, “The Honeymooners.” His unique style, facial expressions, body language, and memorable one-liners, earned him the deserved title, “THE GREAT ONE!”
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25 Responses to “A Tribute to “The Great 1″ – Jackie Gleason”

  1. butyfuldisasta69 says:

    i all watch you on tvland everynite there will never be anther one like you &a bag of popcorn ,lolbloomfield pa

  2. herrveidt says:

    BABY…THE HONEYMOONERS ARE THE GREATEST!!!..every sitcom before or after pales in comparison…Radio gave us the great Jack Benny…TV was Gleason…anyone born in the 50′s grew up with the original 39 episodes…I’ve seen each one at least a dozen times and I keep on watching…Gleason is dead…LONG LIVE GLEASON (and cast)!!!!

  3. dkada7 says:

    Rip cousin

  4. singingkid says:

    Jackie was the best! Thanks for this wonderful tribute! :) )

  5. RootsinBrooklyn says:

    Right. That was truly one of the marvels of the show. I guess just stringing together a bunch of Gleason’s entrances, out of the comtext of the show, made the laughter sound forced.

  6. larrydbradley says:

    @RootsinBrooklyn It is not a laugh track. The show was done live and had a live audience.

  7. biscuitthedog55 says:

    Way to go uncle jackie!!!
    P.s. Sorry u never met me Jackie

  8. divisioneight says:

    Thank you so very much for a charming little piece on the Great One and the Honeymooners. And thank you for not covering over the great voice of Jackie Gleason with cheesy music. Good work! Only one suggestion; would you please add the “blabbermouth” rant? It was pure Jackie at his best.

  9. wavnut says:

    at around 3:03 that stove is one like we have in our shop–they are too snall too cook on well and standard size cookis sheets son’t work in them also we dot a dishwasher that size from my grandma and a washer with dryer over appliance from my grandma-i never used the dryer much( if at all) cus we had a sears new large one-i powed my mom-unfortunately it came to that :-/

    wavnut4 seconds ago

  10. bozodeathgod says:


    Art wasn’t bad either.

  11. RootsinBrooklyn says:

    Is that laugh track necessary?

  12. G7flat5 says:

    This was excellently put together . This show is timeless and genuinley funny without ever going blue. I would have liked to see “She’s a blabber-mouth, a blabbermouth!” – “Boomph” & “Whoa it certainly looks like rain!” in this clip,

  13. Mavericker7 says:

    The $64,000 Question is one of the best Honeymooners episodes ever. lol.

  14. WSenator1 says:

    @McDonnellWrite – Art Carney? Ed Norton? Anyway, the rest of your comment: Agreed

  15. Trossi3389 says:


  16. jeffbebe6 says:

    @McDonnellWrite Art Carney .. Ed Norton

  17. bellapinkpetal says:

    Love it! You made me laugh today!

  18. misspaddylee says:

    You put together a swell tribute. I’m still smiling.

  19. specs002 says:

    thats art carney

  20. 7Lukibi99Tore7 says:

    Jackie Gleason was the greatest entertainer of all-time (with all due respect to Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball). The Honeymooners is not only a classic comedy show but one of the top 5 greatest TV shows of all-time. Our world misses your incomparable comedic genius Jackie!

  21. yaya4now2 says:

    Multi faceted, multi talented ARTIST Extraordinare!

  22. 007glazenby says:

    He also had some pretty good music. In fact, I’m listening to “Music, Martinis and Memories” as I write this. A terriffic easy listening record.

  23. glasair says:

    At 2:09 Jackie threw in an ad-lib that got Art Carney laughing, and they just worked it and and went on. Jackie didn’t like to rehearse because it took away from the spontaneity and likewise didn’t like to do re-takes when someone cracked up.

  24. MrPoofgone says:

    What a day in T.V. History all the shows of the 50′s 60′s were awesome and iam very glad i got to see batman…period…..TY!

  25. jodonte1 says:


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