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A-Team Intro High High quality

The A-Team opening credits with music. Be positive to hit the HQ button for high good quality.

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25 Responses to “A-Team Intro High High quality”

  1. kolllltttttttttt says:

    My sister used to read the books alot so she would go on and on about it then once the first movie came out she would always make me watch it on Perfect ending to the series this Movie was.

  2. davidsalinnn says:

    OMFG!!!! iStill Haven’t Seen This!!!! Ughh.. iReally Need To See It on It Looks Awesome. I cried the whole trailer! OMG when Snape was holding Lily! I totally lost it!

  3. SuperSuperTALL says:

    1:16 OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

  4. netulv says:

    @franuklennonlover Thats not the real A-team…the movie was a disgrace ! ..well sort off…

  5. 4793KS says:

    Epic movie… the trailers for the movie on are so freaking good… This series finishing i cant believe it i?am so sad. but the series is awesome it is fantastic series that no one can make it…

  6. kolllltttttttttt says:

    I loved the movie a lot on, but the ending was really confusing. If I hadnt read the book, I wouldn’t have understood Snape’s flashback at the first time. Also, he came back to life and they did not mention the blood connections.

  7. davidsalinnn says:

    For all of you people who didnt like the movie fuck off!! im tired of “the storyline was left out” or i just didnt like cant change the past so just leave it alone. if you thought that the storyline was left out youre a dumbass. See this movie on, it is actulay great.

  8. shefer007 says:

    I saw it at the MIDNIGHT PREIMERE!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!! There were 1 or 2 important things left out but that still didnt stop it from being the best movie on of the series!!!

  9. MrBibekgurung07 says:

    Director is an absolutely amazing author! My family has all the books, all the british versions of the books and they all saw the movies at! (Not including this one, but will tonight)

  10. kolllltttttttttt says:

    I’ve seen every movie in, had my mom read these books to me when I was 3, read every book once I was in 5th grade, and now it’s ending… Ten years of my life… My life will be over, once the credits roll in. I’ll be crying, the whole time, and at the end…

  11. Freedomcostmoney says:

    Dirk Benedict has very thick hair, he sure is without doubt Face in reality too!

  12. Sergcanes98 says:

    I love the 80s;..anyone catch the picture of Rappin Ronnie in the background at 0:48

  13. fabicool1996 says:


  14. Basnet87 says:

    It has finally arrived on! What a ride! thank you director for presenting so many people in the world with the pleasure of getting to know the world of magic. I will miss it so much!

  15. TheBerbafan says:

    brilliant is the a team!

  16. kolllltttttttttt says:

    Thumbs up if this is not just the closing of a great movie but a close of your childhood. such an amazing film! The ending was so cute & sweet and made me really happy that I have it on now! <3

  17. davidsalinnn says:

    This is the end of 10 great years’ of my life. This movies will be the series that i grew up with and remember forever. Thanks for all the magical memories. I loved it hard…

  18. SuperRocky077 says:

    I cried watching the premiere! Aaaahhh! Saw it a few hours ago it’s INCREDIBLE!!! really sad that it’s over it will always live on :) Thank you for this movie. Such a great movie.

  19. Faceman825 says:

    @mikenjenn72 As in jokes go, that one has stood the test of time.

  20. Faceman825 says:

    @somewhatlongdong Anus Team?, seriously, what are you, fucking ten years old? Man, grow up, ffs.

  21. josmusful says:

    Great show and Mr. T will always be my favorite character.

  22. kianjsr says:

    did you know im gonna make a cars version of this

  23. 250mav says:

    i cant see why any man would want to wear more chains then his ancestors -rowdy roddy piper

  24. kolllltttttttttt says:

    The image of the moon breaking apart is what always seems to stick in my mind and sends chills up my spine. Nice movie at for you. I guess mostly because it was humanity that caused it in the story so we basically destroyed ourselves.

  25. davidsalinnn says:

    I saw this at the midnight launch last night. That’s right, I give you jealous people permission to worship me. Obviously, you aren’t a true fan of unless you went to the double feature.

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