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A question for folks who like bowling?

Question by 5 ft 7 Texas Heaven: A question for folks who like bowling?
Kinda long ago I recall a Tv show, like “Bowling for Dollars”

Would it have been as much fun, if it was Bowling with Ping Pong Balls?

Just wonderin Y’all.

Peace on ya.


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Answer by eli manning
put this on bowling

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4 Responses to “A question for folks who like bowling?”

  1. mister ed says:

    than you would be bowling for pennies!!!

  2. willows♄ says:

    sure why not. be kind of like beer pong i guess0.o

  3. cmdruser says:

    It would be a VERY long show (unless you had a miniature bowling lane with plastic pins).

    How about someone revive that show…only with bowling on the Wii?

  4. Pilsner Man says:

    The pins would have to be muuuucchhhhhhh smaller.

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