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A Fistful of TV Westerns 0001

Title clips of old tv western shows, plus photos of actors. Memories of the old cowboys
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  1. group4taker says:

    @Baldgol4 , Hi, I think the guy was named alessondro, or alessandroni, something like that. I read it somewhere, but thats a long time ago and can’t be sure. You are right about his sound though, it is great to liston to esp. with headphones

  2. Baldgol4 says:

    Who’se the dude with the great whistle?

  3. group4taker says:

    Hi melollylolly, thanks for your comment, I hope this brought back some good memories for you. I used to love these programs & still like to catch them on some tv stations. I agree with you they were better than some of the junk being shown today. Would’nt it be great to have a tv slot just for classic westerns

  4. melollylolly says:

    this is the stuff-my dad used to make us -me and my brothers and sisterswatch on tv-saturday and sunday nights when i was a little girl–and i really came to love these shows-am glad to pull them on the internet to show my children and grandchildren–and am glad to rent the dvds-am glad to see some of them on the encore channel-hey tv execs-how about showing on late night network tv instead of infomercials?

  5. sakamotodesu says:


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