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911 Conspiracy predicted in X-Files

A tiny clip from Lone Gunmen Episode 1: Pilot, Aired on March four, 2001. Written By: Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, and Frank Spotnitz Directed By: Rob Bowman Copyright: XFiles/21st Century FOX. All Rights Reserved
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25 Responses to “911 Conspiracy predicted in X-Files”

  1. Pgaither84 says:

    The uploader should have mixed in clips of Bush/Rice/Rummy all saying that “no one could have ever predicted/imagined this.” It’s in movies, TV, books, papers, etc.

  2. surefire1986 says:

    @monk3yninja No, intel showed their planing for 9/11 was going on long before this episode was even shot.

  3. DoctorCapitalist says:

    Oh man this is creepy XD

    I don’t believe in that sort of thing though

  4. emericaordie15 says:

    they put many subliminal messages in movies songs games etc of 9/11 before it happening !

  5. LimeGirl08 says:

    Incredible, eh? So true!

  6. beversfamily says:


  7. sethzky77 says:

    Wow! Watch, “escape from new york”, there’s a lot of predicted 9-11 stuff in there as well.

  8. MediaWire says:

    Wow, that that is some interesting shit!! I already knew 9/11 was a rigged game but this is even creepier!

  9. David171985 says:

    @celess21 Huh. And there was me thinking the date was chosen because to americans it means emergency….

  10. monk3yninja says:

    @everybody who commented on my post, im not trying to be ignorant, im not a stupid ass, and i was just saying we arent the only ones who watch television. if these people have nothing better to do than plan a terroist attack to kill us then what makes you think they have the civility NOT to take this idea and twist it? because idk if its just me but i dont see how blowing up new yorks biggest governments building would help our government but, like i said, its just me :)

  11. jasonmontes1492 says:

    That video was really thought-provoking! You should include some scenes from “Programming the Nation” in your next video because it’s all about conspiracy theories. Anyway, I subscribed to your channel and I can’t wait to see what you do next. bit. ly/m4LDUB

  12. AMC6891 says:


  13. dantheman881225 says:

    @monk3yninja If thats the case, then those terrorists are almost justified from getting crap tv shows lol

  14. Immortal4261 says:

    holy hell, this is so real, and its the x-files WOAAAAAAAA

  15. ZionistsRunTheGov says:

    @monk3yninja Why would it be in the script to begin with? plus, this wasn’t the only film with a “coincidence”.

  16. celess21 says:

    @monk3yninja not at all, the 9/11 symbology comes from old ages. 9 = binah, kabbalistic ninth dimension for time and space, and ultimated wisdom.11 = the two pillars/towers,Jachin and Boaz, representing the two Kings,power, and war,and slaughter. All relate to king solomon as well. Search for the Brotherhood of Saturn, you’ll learn a lot more about what’s really going on. Saturn = authority,domination, time, etc. Symbols : The Eye(south pole, check NASA imagery), The hexagram(North pole).

  17. TheFamilyGuyLove says:

    @chadnuts im just saying everyone is entitled to their own opinions. they shouldn’t be limited to gay opinions like yours. and why are you bringing it back up. my last comment was over a week ago so it seems you want to argue.

  18. chadnuts says:

    @TheFamilyGuyLove , wtf is wrong with you? y r u crying about my opinion? the whole point of my comment was just to correct the title of the video.

  19. complex3636 says:

    @monk3yninja ohhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK OFF YOU DICK! LOL

  20. alisonOMG says:

    looks like the terrorists were massive Lone Gunman fans.


    @monk3yninja STUPID ASS he says that its good for the American goverment! so the islamic terrorist wanted to help Americas military complex….you think it FUN to be ignorant?

  22. wannaliveforever says:

    Please get informed – be wise – and get saved! Watch my channel for lifechanging information!

  23. sherhak says:

    i didn’t know cheney wrote screenplays before he got the job as VP.

  24. bernuga says:

    maybe the director here was Rumsfeld

  25. spartamoks says:


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