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8 simple rules does “Three’s Company” parody

2003 parody on Three’s company on Ritter’s “8 simple rules”. Sadly, he died at the start of the second season. This is part of a season 1 episode.
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25 Responses to “8 simple rules does “Three’s Company” parody”

  1. manemustaine says:

    that was brilliant!!

  2. nea300 says:


  3. 94Lyght says:

    one of my favorite people ever to watch and one of the best shows to watch hate to say it rip john ritter and don knotts u are both missed.

  4. Lemon020202 says:

    …Why aren’t there any Three’s Company shows on youtube? WTF? seems like its the only one that is not availble!

  5. Lemon020202 says:

    Aaahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa! OMG…back to 1977! LMFAO!!!

  6. coccinelle80 says:

    This is classic! I laughed so damn hard. I grew up watching Three’s company reruns as a little girl. The ending with Mr. Furley was pure gold! Segal nailed it with her portrayal of Mrs. Roper, as well as Rory with Larry the womanizer. All that was missing was horny cougar Lana!

  7. coccinelle80 says:

    R.I.P John Ritter. I was so sad when he passed on.

  8. UrbanBarbie1 says:

    i loved 3′s Company but could NOT STAAAND this show. I felt so bad 4 his character. Everyone treated him like crap.

  9. myst4hire1 says:

    @wunderfool1973 yeah man, and what about the part where he was getting it on with the body builder X-)) Surprised me seeing him in a movie like that outside of Threes Company

  10. patdsmoshfan says:


  11. xxladybug94 says:

    haha she’s good at playing janet
    all hyper and running around haha xD

  12. wunderfool1973 says:

    @myst4hire1 omg, Skin Deep. I forgot about that movie. We snuck into that movie over and over, just to see the glow in the dark condom scene :)

  13. LargelyGay says:

    Needs more misunderstandings. Nevertheless, bravo!

  14. namemenatalie says:

    kerry did such a good job being janet :O they look a lot alike:]
    r.i.p john <3 still my favorite actor.
    this was a great skit. <3

  15. DaddysLilGirl2012 says:

    this is cute.

  16. myst4hire1 says:

    LMAO X-)) For me to claim that I am a huge Threes Company fan, I have never seen this episode of 8 Simple Rules before. I grew up on Threes Company as well as watching John Ritter in other movies such as Skin Deep, Thanks for the memories

    RIP John Ritter

  17. kingpolaris says:

    rofl. sooo funny!

  18. veryslyfox says:

    hahaha love it!!!

  19. Ecocide112 says:

    Hahaha, also, when he puts the mitten on his hand to get something out of the stove, at 4:00 he touches it with his other hand.. shouldn’t it be hot considering its right out of the oven? hahaha…

  20. Ecocide112 says:

    haha that guy acts john pretty well. ha

  21. KjrHellkules says:

    Muahahahaah! yallll get it Jack turn Mr. Furley. Real Hilarious.

  22. chasyxo says:

    lol so funny, rest in peace. comedy isn’t the same!

  23. Jako32 says:

    lmfao!! freakin hilarious! I still miss John Ritter. Hes was the BEST and so was Threes Company!! Funniest show ever!!

  24. snoops71 says:

    @FromSouthforkTexas I like them both. Mr Roper had all those silly remarks, while Mr Furley had all those silly clothes.

  25. BrocMajorz718 says:

    Haaa !!! Awsome ! John Ritter rules !

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