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8 easy rules does “Three’s Organization” parody

2003 parody on Three’s corporation on Ritter’s “8 simple rules”. Sadly, he died at the begin of the second season. This is part of a season 1 episode.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “8 easy rules does “Three’s Organization” parody”

  1. cmartin41200 says:

    three’s company’s cast had john ritter in it.

  2. XXBlast2PazXX says:

    i sware, they should have got the REAL threes company crew together (john ritter, joyce dewitt, suzanne somers, don knotts,jenilee harrison, priscilla barnes, and richard kline) together and did a threes company episode for old times sake. HAHA

  3. mom2stinkbug says:

    I <3 Jonathan too. & Don Knotts using “Nip it in the bud” was was great writing. He used that line as “Barney Fife” all the time. Miss them both. Physical comidy was the BEST!!! I hate all this reality show crap now. NEVER forget when I heard Johnathan passed on the way to work. They played the 3′s Co music & I thought, “Awe, Furley died.” When they said John Ritter, I almost ran off the road. I really thought I would get to meet him someday or see a taping of his new show. SAD.

  4. cielo052393 says:

    He might be gone but i had fallen in love with him. <3 John Ritter

  5. mom2stinkbug says:

    I got to meet Joyce and Priscilla at the Texas Comicon in San Antonio in 2010. My ONE REGRET… that I never got to meet John Ritter. He made me laugh at a very sad time in my life. In 1986, in sindication, I knew that at 4, 4:30, and 10:30pm on ABC; I would be happy. Even if only for 30 minutes at a time. He’s the reason I married my husband, Kris. He too made me laugh when I needed to. Thank you Johnathan Ritter!

  6. UofLCardFan08 says:

    I find it kind of funny that the subtitle said ‘Kyle is homo’.

  7. freetobeme03 says:

    I watched “8 Simple Rules” in high school! Now that I’ve seen this show on a TV station that plays older sitcoms, I can understand what’s going on! Too fun!!

  8. anu2601 says:

    I always knew you were a little tutti-frutti!

  9. mclm4ever says:

    Probably the best episode of the series. :)

  10. RockingOutLoud4Ever1 says:

    @Lemon020202 i know, and its the BEST SHOW!!

  11. RockingOutLoud4Ever1 says:

    paul should have played jack! now that would have been cool and funny :)

  12. prettybrowneyes541 says:

    I loved these shows. Very funny but I can’t helpfeeling sad watching this and Three’s Company. Great shows and even greater comedian, John Ritter.

  13. sandra4788 says:

    someone needs to upload episodes of three’s company. I grew up watching that show. Can someone anyone please upload episodes?

  14. newf360 says:

    Don Knots at the end, classic.

  15. ariesespo says:

    @Lemon020202 ABC wont allow them to be

  16. iceybleu says:

    the laugh track ruins john and his company…

  17. TheNaaasty says:

    omg love it

  18. stringhawke says:

    I need to give kudos to the writers of this sequence because, although the younger actors didn’t quite nail down their performances of the original characters, the jokes did indeed ring true to the early seasons of THREE’S COMPANY.

  19. Buffy8Fan says:

    @filmmakingjoe Parodies in general degrade the original of what they are paroding.

  20. korrey12 says:

    RIP John Ritter

  21. filmmakingjoe says:

    I am a huge fan of Three’s Company and must say that the reject actors above really stink. They really degrade and make a mockery of the sitcom. Really shows the difference between old school actors and the new “assembly line” talent we see dancing around like they are on crack.

  22. FromSouthforkTexas says:

    I wish the Ropers had stayed on after season 3. maybe bring ralph furley in as the eccentric neighbor. but keep the ropers.

  23. imafilipinoguy says:

    lol really? “im gonna go in to the kitchen and have black hair!” awesome!

  24. JackhammerJesus says:

    For a moment I was hoping that Katey Sagal would enter in tight leggings and a leopard top. After all it IS basically the same character.

  25. 00SIvlE00 says:

    @Lemon020202 Try this watch?v=rBtlVgOJKt0

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