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70′s What’s Happening Intro

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25 Responses to “70′s What’s Happening Intro”

  1. MrsFischHer says:

    @watchthis23ny He would be hot if he swallowed a couch…

  2. NamathTheLegend says:

    The best episode was the one where mama caught all the guys shootin’ dice on the floor. Classic.

  3. RetroTony1959 says:

    I truly miss those silly Negro comedies of the 70′s. Those three cantankerous fools,Roger,Dwayne and Rerun and their crazy shenanigans. Although Shirley scared the living shit out of me. I had a bad acid trip in the 70′s where I imagined Shirleright y was chasing me through a dark hallway and when I closed a door she’d chew through it…..quite chilling.I’ll bet Mama and Shirley smelled funny.

  4. RetroTony1959 says:

    @watchthis23ny I laughed all last night just thinking about that comment!

  5. Jiltedin2007 says:

    The funniest episode I ever saw of “What’s Happening” was when the L. A. Dream Team made an appearance on the show, and beforehand, Raj and Duane was trying to rap. Listening to Raj and Duane trying to rap was just too much!

  6. Thatblack1 says:

    @haroof He sure did. That man was a genius! His version is a little longer and had a harmonica solo.

  7. haroof says:

    Wow did Henry Mancini really compose this music???

  8. DerPanzerjager says:

    0:37 Hey hey hey! It’s faaaaat Shirley!

  9. trampledone says:

    i like that..boung, boung, boung lol

  10. mccarrpo says:

    This opening reminds me of those people that died at Jonestown.

  11. whayes8084 says:

    “For D right price!”

  12. bunnyrocks69 says:

    omg i about peed my pants laffing when i read the patton oswald comment

  13. bunnyrocks69 says:

    lol i use to love this show

  14. bigfloseph says:

    the intro song is the bomb

  15. MultiSinoda says:

    intro was the shit someone sample this!!! : D

  16. NForcerSA says:

    @watchthis23ny ROTFLMWAO! I’m going to try it sometime!

  17. bikertlk says:

    Mama had some big boobies!!!!

  18. wallyworld776 says:

    @wallofvideo very small he was one of the young tribesman with young Kunta Kinte, about to be circumsized and learning to be men

  19. CALICOTV301 says:

    @themostrandomchick24 Haha Or the classic stuff like “Mama I can’t breathe!” You can’t forget Dwaynes classic

    Rerun: So you like the idea Dwayne
    Dwayne: Uh Huh
    Rerun: So you want money too
    Dwayne: Uh Huh
    Rerun: It’s settled then, you will go talk to him for us
    Dwayne: Unh un!


  20. illuminatioracle says:

    Haywood Jablome

  21. laminage says:

    @wallofvideo Also, Cooley High Harmony was the name of The Debut Album by Boyz To Men and what I loved about this show was that it showed that there was a time where South Central LA was a safe Blue Collar Lower Middle Class Community.

  22. laminage says:

    @wallofvideo Danielle Spencer became a Vet. Haywood Nelson is a Computer Consultant. Ernest Thomas worked with Spike Lee on several of his Movies. Fred Berry, Mabel King, and Shirley Hemphill are all dead. Here’s another fun fact. This show was based on a Movie called Cooley High that Steve Krantz produced in 1975 that was called The Black American Graffiti. Also, Steve’s Wife is Romance Novelist Judith Krantz (Princess Daisy), and he had the chance to do Grease but changed his mind.

  23. valkor73 says:

    its fun to remember

  24. FezzFix says:

    this is so cheesy it isn’t even funny, oh wait, yes it is!

  25. wallofvideo says:

    i think ernest thomas had a small role on “roots.” and mabel king was sometimes one of the judges on the “gong show.” but i don’t remember seeing any of the other “what’s happening” actors on any other 70s tv shows. they were all very talented, so i’m not sure why they didn’t get more roles.

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