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70s shirtless alias smith and jones

the male buddy format, one blonde, one dark, was a standard of 70s TV. But shirtless scenes between these handsome leading men were few and far between. Although whole movie genres and sub-cultures had grown up around the shirtless male hero, TV had yet to realise the appeal of the shirtless male. Here’s a rare example, from 1971′s Alias Smith and Jones, in which we see the Ben Murphy shirtless while shaving. Although he’s a great-looking guy, he’s not the macho athletic type who would come to dominate shirtless TV. It would be another 10 years before TV discovered the six-pack.
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9 Responses to “70s shirtless alias smith and jones”

  1. SuperTigger1957 says:

    My most favourite western and two lovely looking guys, it really should be illegal to look at this on a Sunday (but I just can’t help myself!!) Ben is so yummy and as someone said, lickable! Pete was gone too soon, I wish this programme could have gone on.

  2. luvingmylife01 says:

    @STORYOFSHIRTLESS I definately agree with you.

  3. sharibelle1999 says:

    Happy Birthday to Pete in heaven on 2/24.

  4. sharibelle1999 says:

    Oooh you’re making me hot! Especially the part about hitting Pete like an express train. Now I can’t sleep.


    so pleased people remember and appreciates this show. It was one of the greatest ‘buddy’ shows of all time. And Ben was spectacularly good-looking as well.

  6. EquuZombie says:

    I would take Ben over those “macho athletic types” any day. His skin is so amazingly beautiful and lickable. Mmmm… Although given my druthers, I’d hit Pete like an express train.

    AS&J is one of the enjoyable programs ever. It’s too bad they don’t make shows like this anymore.

  7. sharibelle1999 says:

    This is my favorite Western show of all time. Bonanza was my second. Pete and Ben made this show exciting and fun to watch. Besides their obvious talent, they were the most handsomest and sexiest men on TV back then!

  8. nrthdude1 says:

    The dark-haired one on the bed shot himself.

  9. Chicagoan444 says:

    One of my all-time favorite clips from the classic western show. The writing is really good, showing the relationship between the two characters Heyes and Curry. And the actors do a terrific job with the lines they’re given. Thanks for posting this fun clip.

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