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5/5 Michael Larson on Press Your Luck

Michael Larson on Press your luck

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25 Responses to “5/5 Michael Larson on Press Your Luck”

  1. lillsecrets says:

    I think it’s safe to say that he’s the King of game shows….

  2. bttfnut89 says:

    @vxMarksmanxv for sec i thought you were going to do a simpsons homage. apu: “You magnificent bastard, i salute you”

  3. MrClassicAds says:

    @FSkornia I know, but at the end of this clip, he says that he’d never invest in CA real estate….only in Ohio. I was just saying that he would’ve made a fortune back then in California real estate.

  4. FSkornia says:

    @MrClassicAds According to his wikipedia article he did try to invest in real estate with part of it. But it turned out to be a ponzi scheme and he lost that part.

  5. Bull1908 says:

    I wonder if they let Larson take his vacations to Hawaii and Bahamas.

  6. Trepidity says:

    Go Michael r.I.p. You were smart enough to see something and diligent evougj to put it in action. r.I.p. Peter one of the best on tv

  7. munkpiad says:

    $110,237.00 in 1984 had the same buying power as $235,000.69 in 2010.

  8. MrClassicAds says:

    If he had chosen to invest in California real estate back then, he would’ve ended up with millions of dollars and probably still be alive today.

  9. rojo1312 says:

    @Adamanwolf Extremely successful troll is Extremely successful.

  10. 666Brago says:

    @jdailey19 He got robbed while he was away with his wife one day.

  11. chuddlewinks says:

    @jdailey19 He converted all of his money into $1 bills to try and win a radio contest that had to match a serial number on the bill. Someone stole a whole bunch of it from his house, I think he blew the rest on either legislation or a pyramid scheme.

  12. Sashinator0 says:

    @yankeesfan63000 During the show’s first season, any contestant who won over $25,000 or 4 games in a row would retire undefeated, with the full amount won in his or her appearances. This was due to a CBS policy, which set a limit of $25,000 for its game shows. After Michael Larson’s appearance, the earnings cap was officially raised to $50,000 or 5 appearances on November 1, 1984, and any amount past $75,000 that was won could not be kept, though no player had reached past that amount since.

  13. yankeesfan63000 says:

    He should’ve stuck with $20,000 and then kept on going back.

    A) He doesn’t run the risk of losing concentration and/or getting mentally tired
    B) I’m pretty sure in 1984 there was no limit to the number of times a champion could return, perhaps if he broke a certain amount of money but that’s unbeknownst to me.

  14. jdailey19 says:

    how’d he lose all his money? (i don’t have time to read through comments and actually search the web for the answer)

  15. zephyrfalcon81 says:

    Even the board is starting to sound tired.

  16. nocturnezero says:

    And then got obsessed with a get-rich-quick plan and he lost it all to a pyramid scheme and theft… that’s a sad ending.

  17. wolfthing11 says:

    and to think that he lost all that money

  18. Jaistar2k22 says:

    Lol I love that “youre retired!” as a nice way of saying “don’t bring your ass back here” lmao.

  19. givebeesachance says:



  20. givebeesachance says:


    Computers can do pretty close to random, just not the designers of this game.

    And I love the look on his face when he hits the bahamas trip on accident with his last spin.

  21. CopyriteInfringement says:


  22. madbombaguy13 says:

    when’s the movie based on his life story coming out? it’s a classic underdog story and it’s already completely written… I’m still not sure who should play Michael but Ed should definitely be Dana Carvey’s revival role

  23. ajax123123 says:

    RIP Michael :(

  24. yuckfooie says:

    he was a genius

  25. foxsvodka says:

    too bad he got invested into a scam and lost all the money :(

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