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50 Cent As The World Turns

track 07 from unreleased album “Power Of The Dollar”

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25 Responses to “50 Cent As The World Turns”

  1. dboied says:

    Max b an french went hard on this instru aswell
    i aint hear the Bun B
    but 50 a legend in the game
    he got to revive the unite an sign french an i hoope god let max be free so he can sign max to.
    fuck Broke Buck an Flame

  2. pisto613 says:

    Bun B… guerilla pimpin if I have to mack yo wife then I will! classic!!

  3. jwhitaker151 says:

    23 people meant dis-I-like

  4. philygal says:

    niggas never heard the real 50 that nigga was hot once upon a time

  5. est1985buckcity says:

    vintage 50 but sorry bun b went supa hard on this shit

  6. chrisfishbrow says:

    the 23 people who disliked this song can suck my dick

  7. db4129 says:

    @hustlerAoG 50 is still the same listen to before i self destruct one of the most sleep on albums

  8. hustlerAoG says:

    sun cant shine all the time,man its gotta rain….
    I guess this is situation with 50 now.He is making gay songs now.He fucking changed.

  9. LatinoHeat609 says:

    The 23 who disliked this will die being hammered in the ass.

  10. medcom1991 says:

    50 Cent is a monster!!!

  11. DantePeakzOFFICIAL says:

    this song is tight

  12. MakashiQ8 says:

    Back when 50 was awesome :(

  13. MIAMICASH says:


  14. jjsmokey21 says:

    this nigga fif is the truth no doubt!!! fuck them haters that try to hate on him cos they nowhere near as legendary as he is!!

  15. lilwaynebitchfucku says:


  16. Figgettt says:

    This Is From Guess Who’s Back

  17. TheGeordie4life says:

    A pimp aint a pimp with no hoes a hustler aint a hustler with no motherfucking doe

  18. theserpentsix says:


  19. themiggs831 says:

    all rappers start out with good classic hood shit like this but more money then that’s when their shit starts changing but you know they could take me out the hood but they can’t take the hood out of me you know what sayin’ !!!!

  20. pidos847 says:

    As the world turns

  21. pidos847 says:

    As the world turns

  22. MidlandKruiskade says:

    @njcarlos1 thumbs up man! REAL TALK

  23. zxcvbnm9874123 says:

    He sounds mad different before he got shot

  24. prophecy505 says:

    @deeraw78 dude this is 1999 not 2002

  25. 27Dolohov says:

    I can keep listening to this song an never get tired of it.

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