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4 of 5 Tonight Show 1969 Bob Hope Dean Martin George Gobel Johnny Carson

Bob Hope Dean Martin George Gobel Johnny Carson judy Carne Ed Mcmahon from 1969
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25 Responses to “4 of 5 Tonight Show 1969 Bob Hope Dean Martin George Gobel Johnny Carson”

  1. skipdillard says:

    hope always needed his cue cards….

  2. that1pdxguy says:


  3. that1pdxguy says:

    @70sClassics I hope you are kidding, otherwise I know some drunks you should meet. Professionals.

  4. lilyvonshtupp00 says:

    Boy, I miss Johnny….

  5. 7927jackpark says:

    Gobel on a good day was always better than Hope on Bob’s best day. Gobel and Newhart were masters of the “pause”….example: the lead up to the “pair of brown shoes” crack.

  6. hussnfussel7 says:

    @mgee63 your not serious are you? Why would you call Johnny a scum bag? You know something we don’t.

  7. hussnfussel7 says:

    One of those men outlived the other three by 20 years. Think it had something to do with them cigarettes?

  8. mgee63 says:

    its great to see that scum bag Carson be shown up by some real pros that he couldnt fuck!

  9. MightyMouse350 says:

    hadn’t heard of the George guy, funny as :D these were kool kats.
    A class act. don’t make ‘em like that anymore

  10. OPJacket says:

    George, you were a funny cat. Even when you were wearing that blue impostor, that OPJ wannabe.

  11. randomyetawesome says:

    Johnny’s tie!

  12. c3542 says:

    tell me, is george gobel from iowa?

  13. c3542 says:

    is the pope a cathlic? mohamid ali!

  14. tallpaul521 says:

    @DorvellTStewart So politics..just talent, and great entertainment. I miss Johnny and all these guys.

  15. 70sClassics says:

    @makemegood18 Yup, they were just really good at making it look spontaneous. And as was mentioned, Dean was not drunk. Anyone who has been around drunk people knows how impossible it would be to be for a drunk person to be THIS entertaining.

  16. makemegood18 says:

    @logiejamie its 3 great comedians working off each other….it was all set up from the get go!

  17. DorvellTStewart says:

    Look at that! None of them are there to promote their latest movie, book, TV show etc, to give their side in some kind of scandal or controversy, to act like a bunch of egomaniacs, they’re there for one reason and one reason only: To simply have a good time!

  18. Lisajo1960 says:

    You gotta love the way they all came out with booze in their hands…LOL

  19. starmanbridges says:

    oh, go soak your head- what-do-ya know about these guys and what they were thinking?

  20. irish89055 says:

    @JudgeSmales1 unlike that punk Letterman…

  21. tallpaul521 says:

    @70sClassics So true!

  22. funstuff2006 says:

    Can you fill me in on that one? I’m completely ignorant to the reference there.

  23. MrJapaneseboy1111 says:

    @logiejamie he can see it all they have a scren infront of them
    they didnt plan it but he went along with it

  24. HomerWinslow says:

    It’s interesting that at 3:43 Dean says “You can bet you sweet face.” Notice the look on George’s face do to a record that George made called “Are You A Turtle?” He might have wondered if Dean asked him if he was a Turtle. To which George was bound to answer, “You bet your sweet *ss I’m a Turtle!” Look for the song at the Mad Music Archive. Or contact me.

  25. RyanBurnleyFc says:

    @logiejamie at the time he was one of the most popular men in the USA, had his own variety show, still appeared in pictures. It was his job, he was basically offered an irrefusable amount to do the stuff he did, he’d much rather have been on the golfcourse.

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