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Fall 1973 promo for the classic western series Gunsmoke. Out in Hawaii this was for Saturday Night at 10:30. Season 19 of 20. Last season with miss. Kitty. Considered Fair use. Posted for historical and ind informational purposes only. Not for profit.
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A Secret in Salem (Days of Our Lives Novel)

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Ways To Watch Knight Rider Online

Kojak: Kojak invented the shaved head that Blade now sports. Making it cool decades before a young Bladeling got his first pocketknife, Kojak has what it takes to fight crime all day and party all night. In a head-to-head match up Kojak would get far more than a couple of very good licks in but would almost certainly end up needing some backup. Blade would probably end up wearing his hands out before Kojak went unconscious. Light advantage to Kojak for the fight, enormous benefit in the “cool” department.

In September 2007, Glen A. Larson appeared in a personal video for Knightcon 07 in the UK. This marked Larson’s initial public video appearance in which he addressed the fans directly and presented visual confirmation of a script for a proposed Knight Rider motion picture. Because this initial appearance, plans have been underway at The Weinstein Company to bring Knight Rider to the huge screen as an updated take on the original series pilot, “Knight of the Phoenix”. Larson’s motion picture plans have no connection to the recent production by NBC.

When the new Knight Rider aired last fall, the series was set apart from its original.  The first 13 episodes dealt with two arcs: Mike’s mysterious past and KITT’s antithesis KARR.   In the beginning, Mike and KITT were under the employ of Knight Industries, a law enforcement and government agency that dealt with international espionage, spies, and foreign intrigue.  Like the short-lived syndicated Team Knight Rider (1997-98), the writers took this show way too seriously because the original Knight Rider had humor and heart, for it was about three points.

Mike (Justin Bruening) need to quit the spread of a computer virus that threatens a total global meltdown. The job gets a lot harder when KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer) is infected. Meanwhile, Mike’s jealousy begins to show when Sarah (Deanna Russo) reconnects with an old flame (guest star Jeffrey Pierce, “The Nine”), who may be the key to solving the newest mission.

Okay, now stop.  I can hear some of you out there snickering.  And 1 guy is in fact screaming at his computer saying that I’m off my rocker. I get it — it’s not West Wing. It is not Lost.  It is not even Chuck simply because it lacks the witty writing.  But I say, not all Tv has to keep your mind working overtime.  I adore Fringe, but I come away with a headache, same for Sarah Connor.  Not so, here.

Want to impress your friends! Tell your Knight Rider that you know what will happen in next episodes. Everybody wants to have newest episodes and no one can wait for it to come on DVD as it takes time. So, decide now, what you want to download, a single episode or the complete Knight Rider. In terms of good quality, there is no distinction between the downloaded copy and an original DVD. Now you can transfer it to a DVD, your IPOD, or any anywhere you want and it is free of charge.

Well, KITT is also recognized as Knight Industries Two Thousand/Knight Industries 3 Thousand. It is essentially a character of the show equipped with an artificial intelligence electronic computer. The newest version of KITT is a 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang and has innumerous functions such as a newly designed attack mode and also advanced transformation capabilities.

Watch Knight Rider is the new Television series of KITT. Watch Knight Rider On the internet on your computer for totally free.

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Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket, uses Universal Tilt Mount 32-55″ – Plasma, LED, LCD TV Wall Mounts Mounting Brackets

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Secrets for iPod Touch Lite

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Lost in Space [Blu-ray]

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I Think I Love You – Partridge Family

Taken from the initial and possibly greatest Tv sh… (more) Added: December 13, 2007Taken from the first and maybe greatest Television show to combine music with a scenario comedy about family life, here is 1 in a ser Taken from the initial and perhaps greatest Tv show to combine music with a scenario comedy about family life, here is 1 in a series of a lot of “re-edited” Partridge Family music videos – in STEREO and frequently with bonus footage from that episode. This is the song that started it all for me as a 5-year-old. Still my #1 favorite song of all-time
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I Love Lucy – California Here I Come

California Here I Come as sung by the cast of I Really like Lucy. Copyright DesiLu Productions.

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Bowling for dollars promo tv commercial 1977

Bowling for dollars promo tv commercial 1977..This came from

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Dick Clark’s American Bandstand 50th Anniversary

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The Lone Ranger Halloween Costume- The Greatest Cowboy Costume Of All Time

The Lone Ranger is the ultimate hero and cowboy. A masked unknown mysterious Texas Ranger who rides around on his gorgeous white horse, the fast and trusty Silver, and with his trusted allied and best friend Tonto, take on the poor guys with gun battles, gripping horse chase scenes and fantastic fist fights, creating the Lone Ranger, The Ultimate Cowboy.

Come this Halloween, or any fancy dress or themed party, dressing up as this iconic legend is a excellent concept and positive to be an distinctive 1. There are a vast quantity of Cowboy costume suggestions around, excellent looking costumes, but too alike, and with the forthcoming new Lone Ranger movie, due out in 2012, getting the unique Lone Ranger look before anybody else thinks of it is as the term goes ” as clever as a fox” and sure to be a hit.

Some of us who had been lucky enough to grow up with these Television programmes, to have memories of sitting by the Television on a Saturday morning even though our parents slept in, waiting for that extraordinary iconic music, watching excitedly as The Lone Ranger starts riding his horse silver, shooting of his gun in to the air, the music with the trumpet electrifying ” Hi yo Silver” and then over the action scene the deep voice comes in “a fiery horse with a speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty hi you silver, The Lone Ranger” brilliant stuff, the memories and the simplicity and innocence of Tv then, pity they just can’t make them like that no more.

I hope the movie in 2012 does this iconic wonderful character justice. With Johnny Deep penned to play the wonderful Tonto, and George Clooney rumored to become the Ranger, there is hope of this been a box office hit, and will show case this character to the next generation of kids, and hopefully the 1950′s classic Television programme too.

With this movie, Cowboy costumes will explode back on to the seen, as constantly occurs with movies, and with a wonderful Lone Ranger costume available now, been ahead of the crowd will make Halloween or any fancy dress party be outstandingly distinctive and a lot of fun. There are also Tonto costumes offered for ladies, giving you the choice for a distinctive enjoyable couples look Halloween look. Get there just before the crowd and do The Lone Ranger Justice ” Hi Yo Silver, Away!”

The Lone Ranger Costumes are distinctive and classic searching, pay a visit to The Lone Ranger Costume Internet site for a look at the costumes available and for some fantastic Halloween tips. 

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