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2011-10-10: Coronation Street – Episode 1

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12 Responses to “2011-10-10: Coronation Street – Episode 1”

  1. LetMeFlyFreeFromYou says:

    Bring back Liz! She’ll soon kick some sense into steve! Hate tracy…

  2. cjslimcan2008 says:

    Lloyd has no reason to feel bad about wanting Chris out. Doesn’t the guy have a mother, a father, a brother or sister, a friend??

  3. cjslimcan2008 says:

    Why is it that everytime Carla gets into some crises due to her cheating and stealing another woman’s man she also just leaves her employees and everyone in the lurch. I know what happened was traumatizing but she can give her workers some direction or get someone to do it for her. She truly is selfish. And Peter is a loser.

  4. simmons1965153 says:

    Thanks so much from Canada

  5. JaImEcorrie says:

    LMAO Deirdre with her peanut bowls and the nuts! :D can’t stop laughing!

  6. rmdlskms says:

    deidre with those nuts was hysterical!

  7. 143YR says:

    I totally agree with 2felini, Thanks a lot from France!

  8. 2fellini says:

    you are a ROCK STAR with the quick uploads! Thanks from the USA!

  9. djjwilliams says:

    Just cause Tracy and Steve are an item, doesnt automatically mean Tracy is in charge :/

  10. thaliea4 says:

    You’re a star with the quickest uploads ever! Many thanx

  11. arabslavegirl says:

    Thanks for the quick upload x

  12. studentsmum says:

    cor-blink of eye and your here! cheers randomTVShowsUK….!!!!!!

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