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2011-08-08: Coronation Street – Episode 1

Video Rating: five / five

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18 Responses to “2011-08-08: Coronation Street – Episode 1”

  1. ryantg65 says:

    Please upload more Corrie? Thanks from Canada!!!

  2. RandomTVShowsUK says:

    @DarthTyranus76 Wonderman Ellie Golding.

  3. DarthTyranus76 says:

    Whats the song called playing at 16:06?

  4. mattytheostrich says:

    @Shizum21 Yeah I know! Same with me! It’s a right hassle


    Sweet Random UK You Are Amazing with both the speed and quality of upload. Tip of the Hat to you my friend! PS. Sian is CRAZY hot!!!

  6. davegoes says:

    @TejMulen Because he’s paying his Mum’s bills?

  7. farion175 says:

    Ya, that’s exactly what I meant. Montreal is not behind in any other way – we have a terrific Jazz festival, Laugh festival and we’re home to the best “poutine” recipes.
    Thanks again

  8. Shizum21 says:

    @HazHorrific yeah it was lol :L

  9. HazHorrific says:

    @Shizum21 I noticed this too this is why im here!!! Jasons birthday did you see?

  10. Shizum21 says:

    thankyou for putting this up, i tried to watch this particular episode on itv player but instead of having this one in the 7:30 slot, they’ve got one from like a month ago or something!

  11. jackpontiac52 says:

    @farion175 You mean CBC is so far behind! 9 months, I think.

  12. srlibra says:

    thank you so much uploading this episode so fast cheers your the best great episode i love Stella and David and Kylie scenes were so funny and entertaining and Amber is out of this world and hilarious but i find her so annoying and great scene at the end with Chris and Maria very dramatic and very well acted and i really like Chris and he is a brilliant actor too

  13. TejMulen says:

    why hasnt Nicky Platt got his own pad?

  14. TejMulen says:

    Maria is a pain in the bum

  15. farion175 says:

    Thanks for these – Montreal is still so far behind

  16. heula1 says:

    Thanks so much from Chicago for posting!

  17. Lew0605 says:

    Great! Thank You!

  18. OllyMagicNZ says:

    Thanks from New Zealand :D

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