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2011-08-01: Coronation Street – Episode 1 – Component 1

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14 Responses to “2011-08-01: Coronation Street – Episode 1 – Component 1”

  1. mnorth1964 says:

    @cityfolkferal Totally. Melbournite as in born in NZ but lived in Melbourne for 13 years. Been watching Coro since a small child so part of my life now. BIG FAN! Loving it always. Thanks Random for uploading.

  2. Memengwa2 says:

    You are aso amazing and fast. Thank you, from Canada. XX

  3. cityfolkferal says:

    @mnorth1964 Are you a Melbournite? I’m a Brisbanite. Massive fan too! :D

  4. mnorth1964 says:

    Hey! Thanks from Melbourne and New Zealand. Smooch.

  5. dganet says:

    God, ur fast!!!! Thanks for uploading =)

  6. Tigerlily0605 says:

    Thanks so much for the Corrie episodes, really appreciate it!

  7. farion175 says:

    Huge thanks from Montreal, Canada

  8. bowler8 says:

    Didn’t realize Deidre was so overweight

  9. estibin says:

    Ta v. much from Italy!!!!

  10. coco12345do says:

    Thanks from Toronto, Canada too!!

  11. shantiglover says:

    Thanks for the fast up;oad from Christchurch, NZ

  12. heathercowper says:

    Thanks from Toronto, Canada!!

  13. arabslavegirl says:

    Thanks for the super fast upload :D

  14. XxMaD4SoApSxX says:

    Thanks for uploading! X

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