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2010-08-23 Time Tunnel

2010-08-23 Time Tunnel

Image by Degilbo on flickr
Time Tunnel – inspired by thoughts of The Time Tunnel a 1966–1967 U.S. color science fiction TV series (some may remember that show :-) ). The show was created and produced by Irwin Allen and released by 20th Century Fox.

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29 Responses to “2010-08-23 Time Tunnel”

  1. Rich Byham says:

    Wow. cool effect!

  2. Mayur Kotlikar says:

    Beautifully done!!

  3. colographicalchemy says:

    I don’t remember that! How many episodes were aired? That’s a great effect!

  4. Degilbo on flickr says:

    [] Thanks, Rich!
    [] Thanks, Mayur!
    [] It ran for 30 episodes, Ross. You can read the storyline here on Wikipedia:…
    or here on TVParty:

  5. Peter Anthony says:

    Great shot and yes I do remember the Time Tunner — I always liked it.

  6. Degilbo on flickr says:

    [] Thanks, Peter! I agree, too. As far as "science fiction" shows went it was very good.

  7. Jabba The Mustang says:

    very interesting….nice work!

  8. Carlos Vieira - I'm on vacation 6 days return says:

    Wow, superb and very wonderful.

  9. Frecklenose says:

    Love the effect, feels sci-fi like in a vintage style :)

  10. Degilbo on flickr says:

    [] [] [] Thanks, everyone!

  11. twig73010 says:

    I remember that series. i was a liitle kid then

  12. MichelleLeggPhotography says:

    This is really really cool!

  13. Tom Troutman says:

    that’s pretty wild. awesome shot!

  14. Degilbo on flickr says:

    [] Yes, I guess you would have been, Richard :-) . Of course, this is not exactly like the original in the TV series, but when I created it, that old show popped into my mind.
    [] Thanks, Michelle!
    [] Thanks, Tom!

  15. twig73010 says:

    Yes that old show as I remember had a red and white cone shape to it. that was a long time ago.LOL

  16. Degilbo on flickr says:

    [] Richard, you can see scenes from the show, including the tunnel, here:

  17. camerakid2 says:

    Very creative and fascinating work Lance.

  18. hellsbells1966 says:

    nice abstract

  19. twig73010 says:

    Lance I couldnt make that link work. But I watched one of the originals on today.
    And I had forgotton all about what the introduction was like and my memory was so far off especially on colors. Anyway its nice work you done there.

  20. DavidGuthrie says:

    Beautiful…and trance inducing…

  21. Degilbo on flickr says:

    [] [] [] Thanks, everyone!
    [] Glad you found an episode to remind you of what it was all about. Thanks for adding it as a favorite, too.

  22. J Devaun says:

    I knew about Irwin Allen’s other shows like "Lost in Space" and "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," but Time Tunnel was a new discovery for me. And this shot, however you did it, is a perfect match!

  23. zephyrus31 says:

    Just lovely.

  24. Degilbo on flickr says:

    [] Thanks, JL! It was a fairly simple exercise. I just photographed a jumbled pile of various coloured rubber bands on a black background. I then treated that image in ACDSee PRO3 using the "Special Effects" in its editing tools. When it "came out", I was instantly reminded of The Time Tunnel – I don’t know why, as I hadn’t thought of that particular show in, probably forty years :-) .
    [] Thanks, May!

  25. toeknee! says:

    very clever im trying to work out what the pic is actually of and then i read the msg above very clever

  26. Degilbo on flickr says:

    [] Thanks, Tony!

  27. james.phillips says:

    Very creative – wasn’t sure how you achieved this effect until I read earlier comments…. Like the colours and sense of movement in this a lot! Nicely done!

  28. Degilbo on flickr says:

    [] Thanks, James! Appreciate that comment!

  29. vns2009 says:

    way kewl!

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