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1972 – 1993 Days of Our Lives open

This was the opening employed by “Days of Our Lives” from 1972 by means of 1993. The only change from the beginning was the removal of the “Copyright 1972 Corday Productions” subtitle, which was removed weeks ahead of this recording was created in 1985. It’s type of tough to see in this MP4, but careful observation reveals a slight line — midway up the mound of hourglass sand soon after the appearance of the title — which reveals the duplication of a couple of lines of video above and below the original copyright info in order to cover over it. Possibly a lot more noticeable is the freeze of the wooden sections of the glass — captured, frozen and overlaid into location to the end from just ahead of the appearance of the title.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “1972 – 1993 Days of Our Lives open”

  1. theero says:

    why does this opening seem more realistic than the new one, in the new one the hour glass looks so fake, i thought they would make it looks nicer these days.

  2. mascadanator says:

    @nopathtofollow1 Das Racist.

  3. Brieanna27 says:

    Techniqually the days of our lives intro is still the same same hourglass and everything its just more colorful and smoothed out and it doesnt say who says it. But I like the old ones better.

  4. nopathtofollow1 says:

    Talk shit at this part? How about like the wooooorld didn’t see it coming!

  5. JimyJak says:

    Haven’t heard that in YEARS!
    How the world has changed…..

  6. LGM94 says:

    i used be scared of this opening when i was little. doesn’t bother me anymore.

  7. Falarahschulz says:

    I miss this show. I rmb when I was young I hated it when my parents switched the channel to watch this. But now I like this

  8. hellzdk1 says:

    @jajvick me too

  9. flukes777 says:

    I remember the themes to “Days of our Lives,” “All My Children.” and “The Price is Right.” since kindergarten.

  10. whatanightmare1 says:

    This reminds me of being home from school, sick…otherwise, I never saw daytime TV after I turned 5. What I would not give to go back to the late 60′s-early 70′s! My biggest worry was “would I be well enough to go to my friend’s birthday party?” Those were the days. Adulthood sucks!

  11. quizmaster85 says:

    Whoever disliked this video doesn’t care for the old days of sands running through that hourglass…

  12. LifeIsNotorious says:

    I love this opening, these new soap openings can kiss my ass!

  13. QueenNostalgia says:

    Honestly I don’t remember if my mom watched this or not. But I’ll tell you this much: This is one of my favorites! I heard the new shortened version..Hated it!

  14. bater1979 says:

    This reminds me of my childhood wow! makes me miss my grandma she watched this everyday!

  15. Anotherperson01 says:

    ah i just love this :)

  16. Duncstars says:

    This takes me back to my childhood. Very haunting to hear it now.

  17. campbellka says:

    I remember hearing the opening chimes when my daycare provider was preparing lunch in the 80′s. You just knew something great would follow the intro: a great show.

  18. Roboblob223 says:


  19. wigram says:

    Like sand in your underpants, so are the days of our lives

  20. scrowfan41 says:

    @jajvick Me also.

  21. Engberg711 says:

    dont know why but i find this old intro very creepy

  22. sackgirl78 says:

    I remember this music, i think back to when I was a child and my mom and aunt
    sitting together watching this! and they would drink tea :)

  23. mydarlinglana says:

    @jajvick even though I was born in 1990 this is the theme I most remember. Whenever I hear Days of Our Lives I hear that theme song. It’s a simple yet beautiful and pleasant intro song.

  24. evlogismoi says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this and great details regarding the copyright detail. This is indeed a ghost from childhood!

  25. Boi182 says:

    love this

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