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1966 opening theme to Green Acres tv show

black and white 1966 Green Acres show..opening theme song and video
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25 Responses to “1966 opening theme to Green Acres tv show”

  1. ChocoToken says:

    Family Guy brought me here. lol ; when Peter and Lois swapped bodies.

  2. MusicPheend says:

    @rachelc7878 I don’t understand the influx of “Reality Shows”…whatever….get some folks with creative imaginations & give me a sitcom any day!! (and for the record..I’m 45..thought American Idol was great when it started 10 years ago, but now…tv is just stuck in ‘reality tv’ muck…just sick of it, I tell ya..sick of it!

  3. TheCrimsonsGhosts says:

    Ya’ know,, Eddie Albert, really is a pretty good singer!

  4. pnoyguitar says:

    Squeeze! Squeeze!

  5. vskerritt says:

    one of the best

  6. averitas says:

    @supermandisco LOL

  7. tomloft2000 says:

    look out for the hotscakes!

  8. samirhym says:

    @rachelc7878 well honey anything is better than Jersey Shore

  9. jamerikan5689 says:

    i would die if i had to move from new york to a farm in the middle of nowhere

  10. thgink1231 says:

    Oh lordy, I just moved from Seattle to northern California, and I’m REALLY in green acres~lol

  11. blackman666ful says:

    A natural environment is where i would rather be preferably the jungle but i would take the country over the city any time.Got to get the money to vamp this artificial camp although i’ve been raised with no experience of jungle life i’m highly adaptable.The one thing that I hate about the concrete jungles is the fact that most deaths are connected to a long period of suffering.

  12. clonetrooper250 says:

    I remember I stayed home sick a few years ago and randomly decided to turn on TV land. This theme song started playing and I thought to myself “What the hell is this?” A few episodes later, I was hooked on the show and singing along with this theme.

  13. shannon2011ish says:

    i love it

  14. othoglenadams says:

    Sam,C’mon let’s move to the country. You don’t like city life.

  15. KRequestrian says:

    Absolutely love all the old TV shows! I’m 26 and am absolutely addicted to Green Acres, Gilligans Island and all the oldies. Pretty sure I was born in the wrong era… Modern TV sucks!! xx

  16. cleancab says:

    Mary Grace Canfield, Sid Melton, Frank Cady, Tom Larsen are still with us.

  17. tallpaul521 says:

    @cleancab Eb is the only cast member left. God Bless this great show!

  18. 676wendy says:

    green acers is the place i want to be no really i do.

  19. TiminPhoenix says:

    @rachelc7878 If only there were more like you. It was a very funny show. Try “Get Smart” also. You should enjoy that one as well.

  20. GeorgeVreelandHill says:

    I still love this show.

    George Vreeland Hill

  21. cleancab says:

    Boy how I loved this show!! RIP Eddie, Eva, Hank, Alvy, Barbra, Pat and Arnold!!

  22. jimbritttn says:

    too bad we still don’t have GOOD TV like this, the “Beverly Hillbillies”, and other ‘hick’ shows!

  23. rijkent55 says:

    Awesome ! Wonderful that you managed to save and distribute a record of it. I’ve posted it on my FB for my farmlet. Thanks !

  24. mkworkman says:

    1:06 video: black and white; 1966 Green Acres show opening theme song.

    Edward Albert (April 22, 1906 – May 26, 2005) starred as Oliver Wendell Douglas in the 1960s television situation comedy Green Acres.

  25. XBOXY22 says:

    it was color rendered so now its color but then no color tv

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