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1962: Search for Tomorrow

previously uploaded and edited for the former 10-minute time limit, this is the complete version of an episode of ‘Search for Tomorrow’, which aired on March 29, this episode, Marge Bergman (Melba Rae) reels from Monica’s choice about the adoption, and goes to finest-frienda Joanne and Arthur for solace.. this version has a different sponsor and distinct commercials from the original upload…….

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  1. MrSalhepatica says:

    I actually sent a sympathy card to Melba Rae’s widower, and received a very nice acknowledgement card and photo of ‘Marge.’ The cast had just held a Christmas party (1971), and Melba died a day or two later.
    It was a cerebral hemorrhage.

  2. disabled1955 says:

    @bluenail03 i don’t think that kind of sentimentality existed back in those days when a show was about to go off the air..about five years after Marge died, Stu remarried to Ellie Harper..from what little i remember, their marriage didn’t last that long and Ellie eventually ‘left town’…hard to believe it’s been 60 YEARS since SFT first started in 1951 – about six weeks b’4 Lucy first hit the airwaves……

  3. bluenail03 says:

    Was she ever mentioned in the final “SFT” eps.?

  4. CarlD2 says:

    @bluenail03 I think I read something about a brain hemorrhage or something. I remember Mary Stuart talked about how she heard about it and then she and Larry Haines basically sat at the hospital for 2-3 days waiting for Melba to die.

    She didn’t have a very easy life…14 years before that she had twins, and one died, while the other was barely alive for his first few months.

  5. bluenail03 says:

    @disabled1955 I think that the producers of the show did everything they could do to cover it up. I think she commited suicide. There just wasn’t something ‘right’ about her quick and surprising death.

  6. disabled1955 says:

    @bluenail03 according to the IMDb: “from 1951 until her untimely death from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1971, Melba Rae was best known for her portrayal of “Marge Bergman”, best friend to “Joanne Gardner”, on the soap opera Search for Tomorrow” the time, i thought i read something about a heart attack…with so many ‘cover stories’, and other contradictory sources, it’s hard to know what to believe….

  7. bluenail03 says:

    Didn’t the actress that played Marge commit suicide in ’71 or so?

  8. disabled1955 says:

    @stopthemachine that TZ episode ws titles ‘Mute”, and Ann Jillian was the mute girl..dunno who i’d have to bribe, but i’d like to see episodes with Sam and Andrea (Joan Copeland)..i remember something about some kind of medication, a coutroom scene, and Andrea breaking down and being hospitalized..i especially remember Andrea on the floor of the courthouse and a string of broken pearls..would love to seem them all again from that time – Marge Bergman, Ida Weston,, the good ole days…

  9. stopthemachine says:

    @disabled1955 Yes, I remember her from Hitchcock Presents now too. I remember her also in a Season 4 episode of the Twilight Zone. Really a great actress. It looks like she was working between the East and West Coasts. I’d love to see some SFT scenes with Robert “SOAP” Mandan and Billie Lou Watt! :)

  10. disabled1955 says:

    @stopthemachine i first saw Barbara Baxley as Margaret Jardin on Where the Heart Is in 1971, a woman looking to get her nephew’s inheritance – at any cost..she played Monica on SFT in 1962, then returned in 1969 in a different role – as someone named Jill Carter (b’4 my time w/SFT)..i’ve also seen her in a couple of old ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ from the late 50s/early 60s…btw, the IMDb is becoming more and more abbreviated and inaccurate……

  11. stopthemachine says:

    At 13:19 in the Downy commercial, it sounds like Alan Hale Jr. (aka “The Skipper”) dubs the voice of the father. You think?

  12. stopthemachine says:

    @stopthemachine Nevermind! Just watched the credits, and it’s Barbara Baxley. She’s a great actress! Funny thing–she’s not even listed on imdb for her work on SFT.

  13. stopthemachine says:

    Who is the woman talking to Marge about the adoption? She looks SOOOO familiar! I’ve seen her in other TV shows from the same time period.

  14. travis082185 says:

    yes yes yes thanks so much i loevd this episode and was so sad wen it was removed a few years ago. i had spoken to teh person who uploaded the clip and they said we could work out something to get the episode but i had to wait a while b/c she/she was ill and then they never responded to me after that. thanks sp much. are you the same person who uploaded several years ago? thanks

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