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$100000 Pyramid

This is the near record breaking win from 1987.

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25 Responses to “$100000 Pyramid”

  1. 73gossipboy says:

    I never knew the whole audience came onstage, I thought he had a lot of friends!!

  2. 9point5forever says:

    They won with 33 seconds left on the clock at the 33 second mark in the video. Quite the coincidence I say.

  3. Nondo says:


    You know you’re watching a great game show when the people, who AREN’T winning money, are more excited for the contestant than the contestant themselves. (I’m sure the contestant was just too shocked to react, but wow, gotta love how excited the people around the contestant get.)

  4. thisisrumorcontrol says:

    To this day Barry Jenner still cracks me up with his reaction.

  5. DorvellTStewart says:

    While yes, it’s obvious the producers encouraged the audience to rush the stage following the $100,000.00 wins, didn’t they stop it after a while? I seem to remember someone saying on another clip that they discouraged it after about the 4th win or so.

  6. jaggedtears says:

    This was such a great game show. One of the better ones. Besides Jeopardy, all the games on tv suck.

  7. ErniePaulGeorge says:

    Not aware that the Shelley Smith 29 second video is uploaded yet though, can’t find it.

  8. ErniePaulGeorge says:

    @ErniePaulGeorge People including me still looking forward to that video–not aware that Shelly Smith’s win is uploaded. Good night.

  9. ErniePaulGeorge says:

    @ErniePaulGeorge and per more than one person: Shelley Smith in 29 seconds with Linda Simon for the 5th tournament..

  10. ErniePaulGeorge says:

    @ErniePaulGeorge One last clarification. I’m not sure if the Kelly Packard video is on YouTube of the 27 second win (I was looking all of this up last year, and don’t recall now), but the only/main reference was to tnawcwvictoria and her comment about one year ago on this video (click the “all comments” link on this page).

  11. ErniePaulGeorge says:

    @ErniePaulGeorge Oh, all of these are on YouTube, as well as likely 5th fastest at 29 seconds (Nipsy Russell).

  12. ErniePaulGeorge says:

    @blozier2006 1. Search Billy Crystal pyramid on YouTube. 2. Second fastest wins in Dick Clark era are this and Florence Henderson at 27 seconds. (Kelly Packard did 27 seconds during Donny Osmond era).

  13. shoredude2 says:

    @blozier2006 You can find it on Youtube.

  14. cicholdebannan says:

    The thing I always loved about the “Victory” music from this show is the tambourines in the background kind of sound like cash registers going off over and over again.

  15. blozier2006 says:

    @shoredude2 does the Billy Crystal footage exist?

  16. OddballExtreme says:

    The reaction at 0:34 is absolutely priceless! The celebrity screaming like a girl and the contestant reacting as if he were thinking, “Did I just win $100,000 that fast!?”

  17. kelvinmcphatter25 says:

    oh please

  18. shoredude2 says:

    @MrDodgerfan1985 Not a record. Billy Crystal won in 26 seconds back in the 70s.

  19. DalueCommentarys says:


  20. MrDodgerfan1985 says:

    IN 27 seconds WOW! That’s got to be a record

  21. VVolare says:

    The most Epic clue given in game show history!!

  22. 1992HappyFeet says:

    I love how the WHOLE audience comes to congratulate him. Haha.

  23. tyrese3745 says:

    @ccie12933 I get the point already, pal! I watch those shows. I’m not THAT stupid. I’d refrain from that comment I wrote if I were you.

  24. ccie12933 says:

    @tyrese3745 You never saw anyone storm the stage for million dollar wins on any of the more-recent game shows, did you? : ) No doubt the producers told them to do that if the contenstant won.

  25. HomeoftheGoodGuys says:

    This is even way better than “Pay the Rent” on the “Price Is Right”. BTW, it was taped at the same studio that “The Price Is Right” was taped. The Bob Barker Studio.

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