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$100000 Pyramid 1988

Sorry for the delay, here’s the 10th 0000 win with Nathan Cook his last game show appearance

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25 Responses to “$100000 Pyramid 1988”

  1. bluebear1985 says:

    For the third subject, a good clue would have been “Scooby Doo’s owner”.

  2. herrrob14 says:

    That was freaky!! It’s almost like he knew the answers ahead of time….Things that are enshrined???!! I mean really!!

  3. Tygrychu says:

    is enshrined the same as sacred?
    3rd language

  4. sweeneysister says:

    Nathan Cook was cool as a cucmber! I don’t care if I won $100 000 or even if I helped someone win it I would have been freaking out!

  5. Jopo1226 says:

    @anna2k2 I think she wanted to be sure the celebrity didnt screw her. I have seen some many times the celebrity screw the contestant out of money for not thinking. I personally would have always been the clue giver as I am a true pyramid fan I will not use similars words prep-phrases or be too describtive. She wanted to win her 100,000 dollar and she would be in full control of her winning.

  6. jmorzan says:

    yeah is awesome, ENSHRINED!!! wow!!! God man

  7. uptowndc says:

    The”Hall of Fame” clue made ‘ENSHRINE” easy I think. Great players are enshrined into their sport’s Hall of Fame.

  8. uptowndc says:

    The”Hall of Fame” clue made ‘ENSHRINE” easy I think. Great players are enshrined into their sport’s Hall of Fame.

  9. scoobydoo11111 says:

    Easily one of the best $100,000 wins because of the difficulty factor – I wished that this show would have kept going and never been first pulled to begin with.

  10. KOHF34 says:


    That would be a horrible death too (Allergic reaction to penicillian) :(

  11. 262042800495 says:

    ENRICHED KISS ….. :)

  12. talshiarr says:

    That’s one of the most genuine and heartwarming reactions to the win I’ve ever seen. They both were great!

  13. gameshowluvr86 says:

    I just became friends with Keefe (not Keif) on Facebook!! :-D

  14. mistrbrwn says:

    I posted on another $100K win that it was the toughest one I’ve seen, but this one is for sure. Enshrined…amazing.

  15. anna2k2 says:

    unusual for a contestant to be the giver. that was ovaries of steel.

  16. gameshowluvr86 says:

    @sfgiantsfan921 This was broadcast in January 1988, but I’m pretty sure it was recorded sometime in late 1987. Maybe December?

  17. ErniePaulGeorge says:

    One other thought. I just saw the spelling on Wikipedia as “Keefe,” and I’m wonder if this is the correct spelling.

  18. skinpupsea says:

    I guess she decided not to use the straps–maybe she’d have stayed in her chair if she did!

  19. ErniePaulGeorge says:

    @handstandsarefun I’m curious where this community is, but I can’t disagree with her skill. See the other episode where she gave the clues, she is GOOD. I always wondered if it would be worth giving the clues if that was the better skill of the two for a person, and this is one example of how it can be done quiet well. Reading the earlier comments, I hope she passed the bar.

  20. tritonrocks says:

    I like putting these on, not watching the screen and seeing if I can guess each one. When she said “hall of fame” after “torah” that did it for me. It’s an age thing – Nathan is older, so am I. For Gen Y’s, however, the clues wouldn’t have made any sense. It’s like saying “45′s” to a kid or “MP3″ to a great grandparent.

  21. CaptainOvide says:

    I taped it almost 8 Years ago.

  22. nwest1140 says:

    She fainted.

  23. TheKingBrothers2 says:

    “Things with compartments” and “Things that are enshrined”? Wow. These people deserved $100,000.

  24. graperonto says:

    The look on Nathan’s face when she kisses him is priceless!

  25. AnthonyHolic says:

    This was just on GSN lol

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