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$10000 Pyramid with Rob Reiner & June Lockhart – 1973 Premiere Week

The fifth episode ever of the 10k Pyramid. Bob Lion attempts to win 10000 in his 7th trip to the chair.

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25 Responses to “$10000 Pyramid with Rob Reiner & June Lockhart – 1973 Premiere Week”

  1. DaveMcdon says:

    Not yet posted in comments… This was taped at the Ed Sullivan Theater. Later in the first season CBS moved it to Television City in LA. Then it was cancelled by CBS, bought by ABC, and moved back to NY but to the Elysee Theater at 202 W. 58th St. They built a new, smaller Pyramid because the original one would not fit in the Elysee; the stage was smaller than The Sullivan. It remained there until 1981, when it was cancelled by ABC, bought again by CBS, and moved back to TV City in LA.

  2. gameshowluvr86 says:

    @6891man LOL… Looks like when my grandma and I play… ;-)

  3. 269848 says:

    Why is it in black and white? Did color videotape not exist?

  4. 6891man says:

    Wow, except for the second Winner’s circle, the gameplay wasn’t very good. Looks like when my family tries to play Pyramid!

  5. singingsav says:

    Wow, a buzzer when a mistake is made in the main game. Guess the cuckoo wasn’t born yet.

  6. willjarmon says:

    Today is the 38th Anniversary of the premire of the Pyramid

  7. eshaw2115 says:

    Lockhart better stick to Lost in Space!

  8. tyrese3745 says:

    Not long after that episode, when a celebrity gave any part of the answer, the sound was swiched from the buzzer to the famous “Cuckoo” sound.

  9. tyrese3745 says:

    Our “America’s Oldest Teenager” looks great in 1973.

  10. tyrese3745 says:

    And of course, the CBS shows that were major hits in 72-73: All in the Family, Maude, M*A*S*H, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, Here’s Lucy, The New Bill Cosby Show, Mannix, Hawaii Five-O, Cannon, The Carol Burnett Show, Mission: Impossible, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, Medical Center, The Waltons, and Barnaby Jones.

  11. tyrese3745 says:

    Hey, alright! Thanx a million for this episode. Actual proof that CBS ceased destroying tapes before the 1972-73 daytime/primetime season (“The (New) Price is Right”, the Heatter-Quigley produced “Gambit”, and “The Joker’s Wild” premiered on September 4, 1972. “The $10,000 Pyramid”, the short-lived “Hollywood’s Talking” and “The Young and the Restless” followed suit 6 1/2 months later on March 26, 1973. Then came “Match Game (’73) 4 1/4 months later on July 2, 1973).

  12. Ddog2k3 says:

    I like these earlier episodes of The $10,000 Pyramid here.

  13. Ddog2k3 says:

    Nice to see this episode of The $10,000 Pyramid. I like this! :)

  14. pem1974 says:

    Two things struck me about this show…I thought it was funny that the clock kept going (sounds and everything) for several seconds after Bob won!


    Rob Reiner knows how to play this game…..June Lockhart does NOT!!

  15. Hondo20132 says:

    @ljauss …yet another lost ’70s gem.

    Also, note how much they rushed the credits (if you can even call them credits). Not what you’d expect on a Friday.

  16. StrangerCoug says:

    I’d love to know what a “drunk drawer” is xD

  17. Hondo20132 says:

    A small clip of this was used in the opening montages. Now that’s unbelievable; your dad during the openings!

  18. willjarmon says:

    even though this is loading slow for me this is incredible to see

  19. chrisrenn1990 says:

    @ljauss Hey Im friends with gameshowluvr86 you have put one of the best pyramid episodes ever. Thank you so much for the post!!

  20. TheRetro64 says:

    @gameshowluvr86 How about at 20:16 when Bob held his head as if to say, “Please, PLEASE let me get this one!!. I can’t bear to wait a whole weekend for another shot at this” because that episode was on Friday.
    Also, if you look carefully at the very end of this video you’ll see a clip of Carroll O’Connor. I guess it was a coming attraction for a movie that was to be shown on CBS that weekend. How ironic is that.

  21. gameshowluvr86 says:

    @TheRetro64 Oh, I’m sure! I loved the look of relief on Bob’s face (20:49) when he sat back down to catch his breath… You couldn’t fake that even if you tried. ^_^

  22. TheRetro64 says:

    Thanks very much for the episode and congrats on your dad winning! After 7 tries in the winner’s circle that has to be a big relief.

  23. gameshowluvr86 says:

    @FBCDJ1620am A little later in ’73, maybe?

  24. ljauss says:

    @gameshowluvr86 True! Especially after the first episode had someone winning right off the bat!

  25. gameshowluvr86 says:

    @ljauss This was the Pyramid’s very first day of taping, so the staff was probably just going through some “first day jitters.”

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