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$10000 Pyramid – Loretta Swit & McLean Stevenson

From November 1973. From an all-star week, Loretta Swit and McLean Stevenson of “M*A*S*H*” playing the winner’s circle round for charity.
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19 Responses to “$10000 Pyramid – Loretta Swit & McLean Stevenson”

  1. Kaalec says:

    The questions in that celebrity pyramid were not as difficult as the regular show’s pyramid. Not by a long shot.

  2. Pinman1000 says:

    I know the date this aired:
    November 21, 1973.

  3. weatherdan882002 says:

    @mjhunt1 A booktoo. DEAD body would have been better…

  4. landrykkb says:

    That was just McLean’s natural personality!

  5. landrykkb says:

    You only have to say the word and the judges will accept it!

  6. Bestmanme08 says:

    Mash discussed in great new bio (Charlton Heston: An Incredible Life: Revised Edition) at amazon!

  7. craigisbond007 says:

    I havent seen her hug any like that since Frank Burns.

  8. bearhatesox says:

    Anyone know what date episode this is? I know it’s from Nov 1973.

  9. GarfieldnPyramid says:

    This looks like a copy of another copy.

  10. GarfieldnPyramid says:

    It is.

  11. GarfieldnPyramid says:

    Thank you so much for posting fortage from the 4 celb week. I wanted to see a clip for years.

  12. mjhunt1 says:

    For “..cover” I would have said “a pot” and “a pioneer’s wagon.”

  13. excuseyou77 says:

    ah, okay, thanks. :)

  14. vnisanian2001 says:

    Incorrect. He was on again with Adrienne Barbeau during the week of July 7, 1975.

  15. excuseyou77 says:

    I believe so.

  16. nextbarker says:

    Is this McLean’s only Pyramid appearance?

  17. BlackwoodCompany says:

    That was scary for they almost blew it. Just two seconds left.

  18. GarfieldVsSnoopy says:

    This is CBS!

  19. gameshowluvr86 says:

    I have this episode! Although, McLean was a total douchebag to Loretta… I’m sorry, if I was his partner, I’d probably end up slugging him lol.

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