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100 Seinfeld quotes [Episode 1]

A frenetic mashup of numerous, a lot of random clips from the legendary show about ‘nothing’. UPDATE 24-Feb-2011: Wayne Snell (Weezle56) has come forward as the author of the audio portion of this video! I’ve usually wondered who did the wonderful job of putting all the quotes together (discovered in an MP3 on Napster) so several years ago, and now the mystery is solved. Enjoy! SEINTOLOGY Audio compiled by Video compiled by Music: “Time is Tight” by Booker T & The MG’s Jerry: Hello! Jerry: So we go into NBC, we tell them we’ve got an concept for a show about absolutely nothing. George: Specifically. Jerry: They say “What’s your show about?” I say “Nothing”. George: There you go. Jerry: I think you might have some thing here. Kramer: Who desires to have some enjoyable? Jerry: Effectively let’s commence the insanity. Kramer: Giddy-up. George: Vandelay! Vandelay! Vandelay! Elaine: Shut up. George: Vandelay! Vandelay! Vandelay! Kramer: Wet and wild. George: Vandelay! Vandelay! Vandelay! Jerry: Delores! George: The sea was angry that day my friends… Jerry: …super-terrific carpal-tunnel syndrome. Elaine: Stella! George: I’m sorry, the card says “Moops”. Elaine: A bird ran into my giant freak-head. Jerry: I got jiggy with it! Kramer: I broke the covenant of the keys. Elaine: I’m speechless! I am without having speech. Kramer: Oh, I got the ball. Jerry: THAT is 1 magic loogey. George: The surprise blindfold greeting. That wasn’t in the manual. Kramer: A coffee-table book on coffee tables. Jerry: Hello, Newman

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25 Responses to “100 Seinfeld quotes [Episode 1]”

  1. hookahsmokingkat says:

    The guy on 3:20 is a god.

  2. oppenheimr says:

    Good editing, good job.

  3. historyfreakfroman says:

    @spongeman537 Thank you! I heard this episode mentioned in the finale but never saw it along with the sex sponges and the poison envelopes that killed Susan

  4. spongeman537 says:

    @historyfreakfroman Season 4: The Visa

  5. VideoGamerDude1 says:

    i like the tune in the background! It goes well with the video and I like how it builds!

  6. ReyaitheShadowWolf says:

    You stubborn, stupid, SILLY MAN!!!

  7. roxasora888 says:

    Yo yo ma

  8. historyfreakfroman says:

    What’s the name of the episode at 2:53 with Babu?

  9. TheArthkm says:

    The close talker social awareness was one of the most hilarious moments in television for me.

  10. 8nikolas8 says:

    Good job. Jerry is a man who respects a good coma, I’m a man who respects a good youtube video.

  11. gregorymwishart says:

    thiis montage show how genious this show is. ya i am batman

  12. scootieboytom says:


  13. TheTommyology says:

    is this on itunes?

  14. PepsiGolem says:

    Totally, to this day I can still enjoy the antics of those four.

  15. candygirl021 says:

    Best show ever!!

  16. ThePregnancySlaves says:

    Scary…like a bone protruding through the skin….

  17. swiftfox2010 says:

    A good clip montage can be a hard thing to do well and this vid has surpassed many expectations. Great job!

  18. zebrachick129 says:

    Tippy toe tippy toe!!

  19. zebrachick129 says:

    Maybe the dingo ate ur baby!!

  20. shorts says:

    nothing comes close to seinfeld

  21. tonybklyn says:

    It’s unreal…it’s been 13 years since Seinfeld left the air…and these episodes haven’t lost an ounce of relevancy. :-)

  22. belziebub says:

    friendship smiendship

  23. belziebub says:

    Queen of the Castle

  24. belziebub says:

    pml@ Im a day person — that is funny

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