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21 Responses to “1 LIFE TO LIVE – THE MANHATTANS”

  1. Alemanone92 says:

    This song is soothing .brings out the love in me

  2. soulsweet65 says:

    this is my favorite oldies jam very much

  3. MRJACKSON19581 says:

    @mijaoldies Thanks brother this song makes my day WOW!

    just can not find this on any of their albums greatest hits etc,etc.. Had the whole album casette once ..lost it..

  4. LadyofWar1980 says:

    Oh Damn! This was one of my mom’s favorites! Brings back memories… btw, am I the only one that misses long ass spoken word introductions like the one on this record?

  5. dmc081 says:

    i like the larks

  6. claymarsh59 says:

    It’s 13 degrees here in Bend Oregon and it’s been snowing all day and I’ve been listening to your playlist and when this song came on I had to stop what I was doing and write ” Oh stooopppp pleeeease!!!” I LOVE IT!!!! mmm,mmm,mmm Thank you mija Blessings to you

  7. sweetstar64 says:

    went i saw them at a show in my town i told blue can u sing a song call one life to live here nette

  8. sweetstar64 says:

    my fav tune all time

  9. ejber1 says:

    ‘I write it once, twice, three times.. On my window pane.. Classic.

  10. blackmack9 says:

    this was gerald alston’s debut as a manhattan. also, he is the nephew of the shirelles lead singer, shirley alston. from th Soul Sensei!

  11. prettycountrygirl2 says:

    I still love this song. Thanks for posting it.

  12. nanzforever says:

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  13. colito72 says:

    aca se los escucha mucho por la noche a los manhattans y a mi me encanta arriba los oldies 5/5 para el video

  14. c29014 says:

    i love this song it remember it from the 70′s

  15. mijaoldies says:


  16. Wayne27 says:

    I love this songs thank you for posting

  17. mijaoldies says:


  18. sunburn12 says:


  19. lamuneca248 says:


  20. mijaoldies says:

    Thanks for the nice comments u been sending me … i could leave on ur channel i was saying error … i just wanted to say thanks ur so nice …

  21. oldschoolen1 says:

    dig the beat…nice tune.

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