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1 Life To Live Opening September 2011: Version A

This opening capabilities the following characters in order of look: Todd, Téa, Starr, Jack, Blair, Tomas, John, Bo, Clint, Jessica, Natalie, Rex, Gigi, Aubrey (Christine), Cutter, Dorian and Viki.

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25 Responses to “1 Life To Live Opening September 2011: Version A”

  1. alexisfan07 says:

    Did anyone else but me notice most of the people aren’t looking at us? I just noticed that lol, they mostly look to the side

  2. JasmineAurora100 says:

    My only complaint is that Tea is next to Todd and Blair is next to Tomas. This better not be an indication of what OLTL is planning because I may have to vomit.

  3. buffyslayer30 says:

    Jack LOVE that smile he is so fucking hot the things I would do to him YUMMY as hell.

  4. kyuubinaruto199 says:

    @ticket2 OLTL may not have as good storylines as it had in the past, but it’s not affecting me personally. Deal with it. And I don’t think that OLTL suckss now cuz I only just got into it. And, I also don’t get why all the TSJ lovers (no offence, I loved him as Todd too) stopped watching the show ONLY because he’s not on it.

  5. Rhall2023 says:

    i love todd and i’m glad they had him first on the opening

  6. ticket2 says:

    @kyuubinaruto199 You know that is the exact attitude that ABC execs have shown us viewers just deal with it! i stand by what i said any creative writing team could have done a better job by it’s storylines OLTL sucks now.

  7. inubrat88 says:

    @itwas1ofthem DITTO!!!!

  8. carloscutie78 says:

    @kyuubinaruto199 dont be that way…the fact is TSJ was killed off! when it never should have happened, just like ABC cancelled this soap and it never should have happened. the point is TSJ fans miss him, and going by ticket2s comment some mifght not like the whole whodunit behind the murder, i think it would have been better if TSJ just went off and thought about all that happened to him.

  9. JessyIsSoFly91 says:

    I miss asa in the theme song

  10. limitbreaking says:

    Welp, we all know what this means if Gigi is still there. Haha.

  11. itwas1ofthem says:

    i wish they made one back in may with both RH and TSJ

  12. MATG1025 says:

    HATE this updated version. Jolie has always been together in the opening and they need to be that way again!

  13. 4dfan says:

    i like that they put RH with FL and Blair with Tomas!!!!

  14. ThunderZone9 says:

    I also don’t understand why Dorian and Gigi were included. I would have rather had Echo and Roxy lol. I like how Todd, Aubrey, and Cutter are in anyway.

  15. kyuubinaruto199 says:

    @ticket2 Well you’re not the writer of the show are you? My advice is, deal with it.

  16. davictor91 says:

    its so odd; TSJ was the only Todd i knew as i started watching One Life in ’03, but RH seems okay.

  17. ticket2 says:

    @ravenscheer23 i just miss TSJ he was fantastic additon too the show. i know RH older fans of the show see him as Todd i accept it. but still that was just WRONG that TSJ was dismissed and in such a oh well kind of way. whodunit storylines are tedious and uncreative.

  18. ticket2 says:

    @kyuubinaruto199 The storyline of The Two Todds if continued there was endless possiblities that could have been written for both Todd and Victor Jr. OLTL missed a golden opportunity by ending TSJ’s run on the show. The whodunit storyline SUCKS! The lame excuse that OLTL producers stated for reason TSJ was let go was pathetic on their part. i could have came up with several storyline ways too keep Victor Jr. on the show.

  19. MsBichons says:


  20. rimlea22 says:

    i LOVE that gigi is still on there!!

  21. ksbaxter says:

    @Nitegirl54 He’s in the other version B opening.

  22. moviesNtv says:

    No disrespect to TSJ but it’s great to have RH back and in the credits.

  23. cammyr12Productions says:

    Awww jack’s such a cutie!

  24. ksbaxter says:

    I’m glad they changed the opening. Todd and Tomas’s shots are amazing.

  25. Nitegirl54 says:

    I didn’t see Brody in the opening, Does that mean Brody is gone…Just wondering. I am still hoping to see that John and Natalie find out that Liam is not Brody’s Son, he’s their Son, and want to see their reunion…

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